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paulw 10-26-2010 09:55 PM

How can I tell if rain comes through the roof, or through the wall?
I have an old house that had a small addition built on prior to my purchase. The room is ont he ground level, and the roof is a extension of the patio overhang (same pitch). During heavy rains, i will find puddles of rain against the outside wall of the room. I do not feel or see any wet spots on the drywall near the ceiling or top of the wall, but do notice it near the bottom two or three inches. The room is built on a cement slap that is approx. 2 inches lower than that of the main house, and water tends to pool against the outside wall. Is there a way to tell if this is coming through the wall or through the roof (like the old owner told me, and he told me the roof was replaced and corrected)?? Any help will be appreciated.

RoofDiagnostics 10-28-2010 01:51 PM

typically, a roof leak will be much more frequent as opposed to a wall leak.

A roof leak will happen more often because a "regular rain" can create the required moisture load to activate the leak. A wall deficiency requires wind driven rain to cause a leak.

You could do an infrared scan of the area to see if there is water infiltration (this may not be cost effective). Secondarily, you could use a moisture meter on the wall.

What is the wall surface? (vinyl siding, cedar, aluminum, ?)

paulw 10-28-2010 08:56 PM

Thanks for your reply.
After reading your reply, I'm confident it is not a roof leak.
The exterior of the wall is wood covered with insulation and stucco. The interior of the wall is drywall. Outside, there is flagstone that comes up against the wall that is about 2 inches higher than the slab the room sits on. On the other side (its a corner), there is a small strip of gravel and a paver walkway. Water tends to pool on the outside of this corner, and inside the room at the same corner. Common sense tells me that the water is coming through the wall, however I can't see where or how it gets in.
What is my next step?
Thank you again for your help thus far.

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