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home builder dissolved-roofing co refuses responsibility for roof- Help

Hello all,

I started down this rabbit hole of proper attic ventilation because I wanted to install a whole house fan (Please see my previous posts for details on my ventilation). The roofing co came out to my home (I am on yr 4 or 10 yr warranty) explained that the attic is under ventilated by my calculations. Thanks to Cleveman for checking my calculations and responding to all of my previous posts

Roofing co sent out worker to take photos. Rec'd a call from roofing co stating I have the proper amt of vents (o'hagin's) specified by the builder. I questioned the roofing co that if the attic was improperly ventilated and they were the once who installed the roof....shouldn't I seek to them to repair the damage. The roof co response was no they just install what they are told. They stated I have 5 roof vents on my garage which is what the contract with the builder required. I asked how the vents on the lower roof (garage roof) vent my attic. Her response was it is not their problem. She also brought up the fact that the county is responsible since the house passed inspection. I looked up all of my permits from 2007 on this home and yes it did pass. I have placed a call to the bldg inspector to discuss how it could have passed since it is severally under vented. pending return call.

I have now determined the building company has dissolved. So my question is why isn't the roofing company responsible. I understand that they were sub contracted by the builder but does that mean they have ZERO liability?? That because they were TOLD what to do they are held harmless!?! Doesn't the roofing company have liability....that they were to roof the house according to California Bldg Code???? I have verified the roofing companies bond and have the bond co's number. What should I do next?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Please see my album for detailed photos
Thank you


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Fix the venting and move on.
I get this all the time, if you want to ever do another job for the company that hired you, you do what they tell you to do, it's the builders permit.
Roofer in most cases install roofing, there not designers or engineers, or GC 's.


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Are they willing to install them if you pay for it ?

This is not a huge expensive undertaking, while i dont think they are responsible for the reasons already posted, i think they should have been more willing to help you get it fixed for a minimal cost. Who wants to deal with a complaint to the CSLB or worse court when a little bit of effort and a fair price can remedy this.
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Andy WRS,
She eluded that they could be hired to do the work but i am not sure I trust them. They stated they are willing to meet with the builder (this is prior to me discovering the builder has dissolved co). However, they are firm that they followed the builder's plans. The roofing co states that they do not have a copy of the plans and the county (I am in unincorporated area) does not have a copy. So who can truly verify if they indeed followed the plans or not.

I am not as concerned of my husband adding more under eave vents in the back and front of the home (the front has none) but we do not have the expertise to add O'hagin roof vents. Plus i admit I am leery of hiring a roofing company after reading so many horror stories while I have been educating myself. However I will take one step at a time.
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ROFL, just looked at your pics.

I wouldn't call these people roofers, "Roofers" know how to install venting, properly. As the roofer I tell the builder were the vents should go, that's not to say I won't put them where they want. I've installed a box vent in the middle of a hip because the Builder (also an engineer) informed me that would be the appropriate place for a vent, never argue with an engineer lol, especially before getting paid.

3 vents on your garage is overkill, and no intake for those vents is crazy.
2 vents on your porch is more than overkill, it's dumb.
0 vents on your main roof is, as far as I can see, against most manufacturers installation methods, and against most building codes I've heard of.
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Yes it all seems just so silly, lets vent the garage roof and porch, no intakes, but not the main house roof!

I am going to attempt to go to the county on Monday and see if I can locate any plans for the house. Do you know of anyway to locate the architect who drew the plans? I was able to find out that my builder used AMS Consulting llc and I am going to call them to see if I can gather any other additional information or see if they have any bldg plans.

I also found the president of the now dissolved Pinnacle communities and found that there are multiple other companies that he is or was the president of. So I will also track these leads down. I am not easily deterred.
Best case scenario would be to locate the plans and determine what occurred. Did the roofer follow the plans or deviate from them? That way if the roofer did follow the plans, than Pinnacle communities is responsible and I can make my own decision of how far I want to go down that yellow brick road.
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Sorry, but I've never heard of residential venting being a building code issue. It is a building standard issue. Either way unfortunately you are expending a lot of time and energy chasing an issue with very little possibility of a return of any value.

Yes, it was done wrong. No they are not going to be of much help. Fact of the matter is the odds are the roofer who installed your roof is completely ignorant on proper venting anyways. Reason? Most roofers who know what they are doing generally don't sub new resi work for generals. Why? Because they are too expensive. Generals like this are only looking for one thing...the cheapest roofer possible. Who is the cheapest roofer possible? The inexperienced and ignorant. Any monkey can read the back of a wrapper and call themselves a shingler. A quality roofer looks at all aspects of each project and you are going to pay more for that.

Don't be afraid to find yourself a good contractor to assist you if you need it. In this business you really do get what you pay for.
Trust me, even if you do find someone "liable" for this, unless they willingly help you out you are wasting time and money going after anyone legally.
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The funny thing is Petersen and Dean roofing company is a fairly large co across a few states. One would have made the assumption that they would have provided quality work. I know that you are correct....but until I exhaust my avenues I will not be comfortable. So I will chase a few more trails and will most likely research for someone to do the needed work on the roof.


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