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KEITHnhia 06-30-2009 02:36 AM

Hip caps to ridge vent
Capped my ridge vent today with ring shank nails leaving one colored portion with 4 blackjack dots at the windward end. Iced up a bit trying to figure the ridge cap strategy for the area between the hip joint and ridge vent. The last caps on the hip runs are slightly higher than the shingle surface the rigid vent is nailed to. There is approx 8" from the hip apex to the ridge vent. It seems like there will be a gravity feed to the little louver on the end of the ridge vent unless I build it up with another shingle or 2 and partially block the louver. My windward side gets alot of wind ... blew my ladder down several times till I bunji-d it. Ridge capping between the hip joint and vent is one thing that doesnt seem to be discussed much. These are the last few shingles on this job but are probably critical for both not coming off and water diversion from the ridge vent ... I just have no experience to try to visualize how to place them.

KEITHnhia 07-04-2009 01:17 PM

Well, just gooped em and nailed em
Looked at the neighbor garage recently done by pro's. Apparently they agree with my wind direction assessment. Their lead windward cap has been lifting as the nail holes are enlarged and the cap is not stuck down well. I brought my lead windward ridge cap over the apex so the front center lays flat in between the uppermost hip caps, black-jack'd under it and ring-shank nailed it in the center. Wish I'd thought up a tool to make standard perfect circles of black jack over exposed nails ... there probably is one. It would be aesthetically pleasing anyways. I still have rumblings in my stomach about the ridge vent not allowing wind driven rain and snow in but have seen most of the new houses around are using the ridgid vent as well as re-roofed older homes. I was wondering whether anyone had ever nailed the ridgid vent over the coiled vent just for extra insurance and the clean lines of the ridgid vent to boot? Looks like it would work. Cost factor isnt much ... you could just staple the coiled stuff with a cap stapler, trim and cover it with the ridgid. Best of both worlds.

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