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McReidy 01-26-2012 07:58 PM

Help needed with render & roof choice
After some advice on rendering for front & back of house.

We are in the midst of obtaining quotes from different rendering companies and have received vastly different prices from several. They all give us their spin on why one is better than the other and I just want some ideas of why the prices are so different.

Also, having some difficulty in selecting colours - we are getting a roof restoration done at the same time, as well as fences painted & can't agree/decide on what sort of colour scheme to use. We know we do NOT want stock standard cream render - looking at something perhaps a little darker (have seen Solver Crag Grey & quite like that), but with no eye for detail would appreciate some advise on what colours people would go for including roof/gutters etc. Also, would you do the window shutters as well?
See below for pic:

[ img ]

AndyGump 01-26-2012 09:57 PM

What do you mean by "render"?


joecaption 01-26-2012 10:05 PM

Rendering in the US is processing left over animal fat for reuse.

Just go on some paint manufactures web sites.
Most have sample homes that you can change the colors on to see what they look like.

Is that roof leaking? If not why are you changing it. That's going to be very expence to change out.

And anyone here that paints for a living would beg you to not paint brick.
You would take a no maintanice item and make it an on going project for the life of the house.

McReidy 01-26-2012 10:33 PM

Hi - by 'render', I mean having the exterior brick walls covered with cement or acrylic texture (I assume it is not referred to rendering in the US?) Sorry for the confusion. Its to improve the facade & street appeal of the property. (not just applying paint directly to the bricks)

The roof is going to undergo a restoration to clean & repaint/resurface

AndyGump 01-26-2012 10:46 PM

This must be an Aussie or Kiwi thing?

Yours is a simple front elevation but here is a lot could be done with it.

Have you given any thought to improving the exterior by adding any architectural features like introducing a stone veneer of thickening the posts and putting them on columns?


Roofmaster417 01-27-2012 05:38 PM

Several material manufactures (Shingles,Siding,Trim etc.) give the homeowner the ability to upload a picture of the front of your home.This feature allows you to change Shingle colors and styles.,also siding.trim and shutters.Certainteed charges $15.00.,BUT if you use a Certainteed product the $15.00 is deducted from your purchase.

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