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Help me understand this quote

got a referral from a friend to do my roof. The friend got his sidings done through him and said he is an awesome guy. This roofer also does sidings, paints and windows. This concerns me since I read in a few places to not get roof done from people who do multiple things. AM I wrong.

Anyways, I called the guy. he seemed OK. He gave me three referrals. I spoke to all of them and visited their house. They were all really happy with him. Some of them are also getting their siding and other external work done through him. So He looks like an OK guy. Here is the qoute. I am getting Presidential TL roof replacing my cedar shake. Should I be watching out for something or ask some clarification questions. Are there any other hidden expenses?

plus the lifetime warranty surprises me

**TEAR-OFF: Remove and legally dispose of one layer of roofing

** BUILT GREEN: Emerald State is a Built Green Contractor; 90%
or more of your roofing debris will be recycled!

** ROOF PREPARATION: Aftertear-off, drive in fasteners and
check roof deck for defects. Please note:
** SHEETING: Install CDX plywood (1/2-inch plywood) ( over
existing skip sheeting and attach with 1 3/4 " staples.
** FLASHING: All flashing will be BASF Kynar 500 PDVF coated
26-gauge Steel.. It is 20% thicker and has 50% more Zinc
galvanizing than standard flashing. this is the only flashing with a
warranty (40-years).
**FLASHING COLORS: Standard flashing colors of brown or black
will be installed .
**GUTTER EDGE FLASHING: Install 1" X 3 " hemmed starter
metal to all eaves edges. This will stop water from going behind
gutters, which would eventually rot rafter tails and sheeting.
**VAPOR BARRIER: Install 30 pounds ASTM felt underlayment
This exceeds 15 pound ASTM felt by 100%.
**STARTER MATERIALS: Install specially manufactured
composition starter shingles to all eaves and rake edges.
**FASTENERS: Galvanized nails are recommended by all
manufacturers as the preferred fastener for composition shingles .
Emerald State Roofing uses nails that are "Hot-Dipped"
Galvanized for added protection.
**PLUMBING VENT: Replace existing plumbing vent flashings with
new lead vent pipe flashing with rain caps.
**DRIP EDGE FLASHING: Install drip edge metal to all rake edges
. This will prevent moisture from getting behind the roof sheeting or
behind the fascia.
**WALL FLASHINGS: Install new flashing behind siding or stucco;
step flashing is installed for each course. Care will be taken during
installation, nail holes will be caulked; additional damage will be
repaired on a time and materials basis.
**Replacement of all existing skylights if homeowner decides. Cost
to homeowner will be cost of skylight.
**CHIMNEY FLASHING: All base flashing on all sides of the
chimney will be replaced.
** VALLEY METAL: Install metal "W" valley flashing to all valley
areas; bleeder strips will add protection..
**ATTIC VENTILATION: Ridgevent will be used to provide
adequate ventilation for the attic space. This will be covered with
ridge material to be esthetically appealing.
**RIDGE CAP: To accent your new roof, high-profile composition
ridge units will be added to all hip and ridge areas.
**PAINT: All plumbing, gas and electrical flashing will be painted to
coordinate with the finished roof.
**CLEAN UP: At * we take great pride in our
job site cleanliness. Although there will be times when a limited
amount of debris will be end up on the ground the premises will be
cleaned at the end of each work day. At the end of the job the site
will be cleaned of all roofing debris and material; this includes the
roof, gutters and grounds. (Some debris may work its way through
sheeting into attic space or garage. If you have concerns, ask you
Roof Consultant for alternative solutions.
**PLANTS AND SHRUBBERY: Due to the steep pitch of your roof
some plants may be damaged during tear-off. Emerald State
Roofing will take care to protect plants and landscaping,but Owner
will take responsibility.
Due to the frequent price changes in our materials, this proposal
can change with in 15 days of recieving it.
Plus permits if needed
Plus sales tax
Sales Tax

Please Help


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Sounds ok to me.
I would not allow him to use staples to attach the new sheathing. I would want to see nothing but 8d ring shanks if it was my roof.
Unless your 80 years old I'd take any lifetime warranty with a grain of salt.
The business I owned for about 20 years did it all.
From new construction, roofing, siding, painting ECT.
I do not see a problem with it.


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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newRoofBlah (10-12-2013)
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Everything looks pretty good except for the staple language.

Plenty of sales showmanship in there but otherwise it looks fine.
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joecaption (10-12-2013)
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Looks OK to me too, except for the staples and typical misnomers.

Number 30 felt is not 30 lbs per square, but that is a carry over. I dont like it under shingles as it can buckle too easily here in MD, but we have very high Humidity. ASTM D226 Type 1 (No. 15) is fine.

Not sure why they are using Kynar coated Steel instead of Aluminum, but as long as it is hemmed you should not see rust traces. Steel moves a lot less under thermal change though. Also 24 gage is typical. 26 is pretty thin, and not readily available here.

Proposal should say all layers of roofing down to spaced sheathing, not sure whether "Remove one layer" is a loophole, since we dont know how many layers you have.

Pretty darn comprehensive otherwise, and I like the explanations. Much more complete than other residential quotes Ive seen.

What about Ice dams flashing at eaves, valleys etc?

Ventilated eaves and ridge? New Ridge Vent?

This guy sounds good to me, and you have done your homework well. Some people are very talented, and can do a lot of things well. Its a matter of caring about what you do (attitude) and education.
" Most people would rather die than think, and most do " Bertrand Russell

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I think it looks ok to. I did also notice the staples on sheathing. Tell him NO GO.You want 8 d ring shank nails. I like cdx also. Finally alot of guys do vinyl siding and roofing. Last but not least. I'm not familiar with Kynar coated Steel guys around me use aluminum. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. I honestly don't know.
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