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Hail Damage Claim

I am considering buying a home and my inspector identified hail damage to the roof and gutters. How can I find out if a claim has been filed and paid?


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Simple. make the seller repalce the roof and gutters, period, doesn't matter where they get the money. Actualy don't do that because they will cut every corner in the book. Get 3 estimates from licensed, certified, legitimate roofing contractors whom have been in your area at least 3 years and submit those estimates with your revised offer asking for a price reduction.

sucks to be the seller if they did file a claim and pocketed the money. Well, they shoulda used the money for what it was meant for, so they made their bed and now they can sleep in it. You may have a hard time finding an insurance company to cover you if you don't replace the roof first so my suggestion, again, is to get a credit on your offered price.


-Grumpy http://www.illinoisroofinspections.com
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Grumpy is right .. Your biggest issue is whether you can get your home insured with the condition of the roof. Whether a claim has been made, paid or whatever is irrelevant..
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pre-owned roof

The sellers insurance should pick it up (regardless of whether or not the policy is currently in effect) if the damage can be found to be in the time period limitations of the policy (usually within a year of the date of the identified storm). The insurance would have little foothold to argue the damage, when it is presented and documented by an inspector. This is also a way to find out if a claim was submitted, and if the money was pocketed, as the insurance will already have an open claim. (This should also tell you a bit about who you are dealing with in regards to buying this house . . .)
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Originally Posted by clarktaylor View Post
I am considering buying a home and my inspector identified hail damage to the roof and gutters. How can I find out if a claim has been filed and paid?
Have your own insurance agent order you a C.L.U.E. Report, (...Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange...).

It will have ALL the details about ANY claim filed on that property and also on the home owner of record, for their history of claims.

You can get that report for free by yourself too, but it takes a bit of searching to figure out how.

Here is some basic information I quickly found describing the C.L.U.E. Report.


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How can I find out if a claim has been filed and paid?
Doesn't really matter as it isn't really any of your business.

Grumpy has the best advice unless by you making the repair a contingency of the sale would cause the seller to tell you to forget it and he would continue to look for a buyer that didn't care about the roof.
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It does matter. The new homeowner could possibly be without insurance on the roof. The previous insurance company is responsible. If they paid previously, then the current homeowner is held responsible to pay for a new roof.

This is documented by an inspector. It is not like you are buying a house 'as is'. It is a legitimate claim as long as it's within the time period of making a claim (usually two years from the storm).

You could also just buy the house and have no insurance on your roof. Your choice.
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Regardless of who is responsible for the roof repair, your insurance company should be willing to work with you to remedy. When I bought my current home, the roof was in serious need of being replaced (3 layers of shingles and leaking in several places.) My insurance company gave me 60 days to get it replaced.
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I would use Grumpy and Ed's advice.

I have had numerous reroofs falling back on the previous owners insurer.

If the previous homeowner was in fact payed at some point for a reroof and the funds were not used as required then it is on the previous homeowner.

I would try finding out if a claim was payed.,if it was then a reduction in cost for the property should be negotiated to accomodate the cost of a roof.

IMO if the previous homeowner did not use the funds from the claim to fix the roof.,then IMO it says something about his integrity.And if he did not cover the cost out of pocket or reduction then I would walk.

If you are worried about him finding someone else to buy the home because he does not want to be fair then heck with him.

In today's economy you are able to get more home for your money.The funny thing about this home might be that there is several hundred in a 10-15 mile radius.If your credit is solid and your financial future is strong then YOU call the shots.

This is my opinion but I would definately inquire.


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