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Gutters on an old house

I purchased a house 3 years ago, the house was built in 1943 (it does have a basement)

My question is; is it worth it to install gutters at this point, if I dont have any leaks in the basement?


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Yes. The water accumulated near the foundation will deteriorate the foundation walls.


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might depend on your location, up north I hear they don't use them because of all the snow and ice,,,,,, maybe Scuba Dave can verify.
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My last house did not have gutters
A lot of "cottage" style 1 floor houses do not have gutters
In some cases there is gravel at the bottom where run-off hits
If there isn't gravel then rain will dig out the soil, wash it away & dirt will spatter onto the house.

I put gutters on the last house & sloped everything to the front of the house. It was a high water table area & I needed as much water as possible to run off to the storm drain

The spatter is my main objection to not having gutters
I have spatter on the gable end of my house, I need to add mulch or stone to stop it

If the siding is wood then gutters will stop spatter & keep the side of the house drier. I have gutters everywhere on the new house (not gable end) to direct water away from the house. Eventually the gutter water will be directed into 55g drums & used to water the plants when it is drier

I also added 20' drainage run-off pipes to the side of my hosue to direct the gutter water away & towards the stream on my property. My basement is drier now as a result. Even without visual indication of water if water is seeping down along a concrete wall then some of that water will enter your house as water vapor. So this has helped keep my basement humidity lower & decrease how long my dehumidifier runs in the summer

Somewhere in the future is copper gutters/downspouts on the back of the house. This side faces south & we get ice dams every now & then. The copper will soak up heat from the sun faster & allow the gutters to melt out

Long you need them?
Not really - 60 years later

But check the wood near the foundation, is it soft?
Any mold growing?
Directing water away will make the conditions better
I put leaf guards up too, had one gutter clog in a cold rainstorm - not the time I wanted to be out cleaning it
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What did you ever figure out about your window crack problem?
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Did you ever had any kind of problem with that. If not than spending money on such things is not at all vital.

This will be great if you will put your photos here. This will give us a clear idea and according to that we can give you a proper and sound advice.

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