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My Home Inspector said the gutters are draining into "wells and/or an underground system. Unable to fully determine if these types of systems are operable. Recommend monitoring during a heavy rain."

If he couldn't tell how am I suppose to? There is a well in the back yard.

I don't know what to think about this! I don't feel like digging up around the bottom of the gutters but maybe that's the only way to see what's going on.

Why don't people leave notes when they're selling a house?

In my previous house the gutters drained right out onto the yard with little concrete things to angle the water outward. That was fine with me. Could I just have the gutters cut off and use those concrete things at the bottom?


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You need to get the water well away from the foundation of the house. If your ground slopes away from the house, those concrete things may be all you need. OTOH if you're on a hill, on the uphill side of the house the water would just pool against the foundation. Very bad.
The builder of the house probably built it this way for a reason.
Two of our downspouts disappear into the ground. When we bought our house I took a garden hose and ran water down them to see if I could figure out where they end up.
I have also, like the inspector suggested, been outside during a heavy rain to see where any problem areas are. Just do it safely, preferably when lightening is minimal.
Another "out of the box" suggestion is water witching. There are a couple of thread on the subject here.

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It's as simple as after a heavy rain just check for standing water in the yard or swampy feeling areas.

It's far better to have done it the way they did then dumping water right next to the foundation.

Is there a basement or crawl space under the house?

If you look around on this site you will see hundreds of people trying to deal with water under the house.
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