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Gutter slope -none

I had a professional installer put in gutters. When I checked the other day after rain I noticed the water was standing. I took out my level and reaffirmed there was no slope this is a seamless gutter and the company said they don't often put on a pitch because some of their clients complain that. it makes the house look crooked. I know this is not normal but an industry practice Should I have the gutter pitched to the correct slope for a 30 foot run? They are actually coming out to inspect and advise what is yours?


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There's supposed to be some slope to help the water evacuate faster. It also helps carry leaves and pollen out of the gutters. I'd have an inch or more in a 30' run.


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All it needs is a slight slope, just be calm and ask that they please change the pitch.
It does not surprise me that's what they told you, sometimes customers often pick form over function.
I've had customers come up with some pretty silly ideas on how they "think" things should be done.
EG: Lady wanted a fence put up to keep her horses in, but did not want a gate because it cost more and would take away from the look of it.
Another one wanted me to lay louon plywood as a finished floor and paint it with some left over latex paint she had that was about 10 years old, to "save money". This was in a brand new $50,000 addition.
One wanted to sue me because I cut a tree limb back so it was no longer ripping the shingles, gutters and the satellite dish off the roof every time a wind storm came up.
I had been there at least three time making repairs to the roof from this one limb. Her reasoning was the limb was shading the roof and helping it last longer, despite the facts showing other wise.
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Flat gutters will still evacuate when it is raining due to surface tension but are more likely to be left with standing water after the rain. They will also not self-clean as well and they get overwhelmed more quickly in heavier rain. This is all mitigated a little if there's a downspout on each end, but it still won't work as well as if there were some slope. If there is only one downspout they definitely should have pitched that long of a run. They should have asked you before they left it like that.

Probably another one of these guys that doesn't want to 'overwhelm' the customer with little details they shouldn't be worrying about.

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Match what is there. May times the fascia board is not level to begin with.
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