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grandeson 05-03-2010 12:41 PM

Gutter Guard System, inside gutter, new? help
My friends G*dfather and I were talking about doing my gutters. We'll be doing them together and he really is a good guy. We both agreed that I should shell out the cash for at least the leaf guards. He uses a diamond cutout type without the mesh. He did say there is something new as well. He describes the product as something that is installed inside the gutter before we hang them, and it is used in tandem with the traditional leaf guard. The system actually is to combat the small debris that still manages to get inside the gutter. Supposedly the water flow with the inner system creates a little bit of pressure that breaks up the debris even more so as to prevent more clogs. He says that it is only available to contractors who custom make gutters with the company's machine. He is only charging me a couple of bucks to take off the day and help me, and I will do somewhat the same with helping him with what I do. Does anyone know what he's talking about, his English is only OK and my hearing isnt so good, (what a pair I know!) and I feel bad continuously asking again and again to describe what it is. LOL So if anyone has an idea please let me know. Hes charging me cost on the guards and the insert thing if I decide on getting it. Just want to know if its worth it or not, or just overkill. Hope to hear from you soon, Grandeson

AaronB 05-03-2010 09:31 PM

I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to.

I know of two types of gutter gurads that work... Leaf Guard gutters, which have a curved cap that allows debris to wsh over the gutter and onto the ground below while keeping the water going into the gutter via surface tension, and the mesh inserts that fill the complete depth of the gutters and let water in, but not roof debris so much.

Ed the Roofer 05-04-2010 06:20 PM

There are various brands that are gutter fillers, sort of like a baby bottle cleaner you would use by the sink, but debris still collects on top and eventually turns into organic muck and then there is little to no chance of cleaning the gutters out without removing that type of product first.

I favor those diamond punch-out versions, but with the laminated window screen-like material to prevent seeds and tiny debris from entering.

That also allows a spray from a garden hose to clean out the gutter troughs.


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