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steb 08-20-2010 10:17 PM

gutter apron extension
My 1930s bungalow has a hip roof without an overhang. New shingles installed 3 years ago with a drip edge. Water is leaking (I think) from behind the aluminum fascia, down the inside of the wall and dripping off my sill plate into my basement. On this site someone recommended a gutter apron extension to fill gaps between the drip edge and gutter--I do have gaps in various locations. These locations correspond to where water drips into the basement. Three gutter companies have looked at the problem; two suggested installing a gutter apron over the drip edge; one suggested bending the drip edge out away from the fascia. Will either of those solutions work? None of the three companies have heard of gutter apron extensions. BTW, I also had 3 roofing companies look at the problem. An ice dam material was installed with the new roof, and I believe it extends up 3' from the roof edge. The roofing companies couldn't find anything wrong with the roof. Do I need to insist on the apron extension?

jackofmany 08-27-2010 07:31 AM

If the drip edge is tight to your fascia, either due to installation or possbly the fascia having "separated" a little from the rafter butts it's nailed to, rain water could possibly be "curling" and going behind the fascia. Pictures would be very helpful. An easy fix which I've done on several homes is to fasten a strip of aluminum that goes from up under the drip edge and into the gutter. This is very easily done with K type gutter as you can pop rivit the strip to the back of the gutter.

Tom Struble 08-27-2010 02:08 PM

to be honest..i never heard of a apron extension either:huh:

seeyou 08-28-2010 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by tomstruble (Post 492095)
to be honest..i never heard of a apron extension either:huh:

We use them frequently. Especially with half round gutters. Maybe that's an item I should sell on the internets:whistling2:

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