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homedic 03-27-2006 10:29 AM

Grip H Clip roof clips
Our company produces the plastic roof sheathing clips known as Grip H Clip. We are currently developing other products for the construction industry. I was wondering if some of you out there have had an opportunity to try the clips, and if so, had any feedback for me. We produce a clip for 7/16" to 1/2" and a clip for 19/32"-5/8". I welcome the negative as well as positive. I want to make sure that our product is as good as it can be.

MJW 03-27-2006 06:32 PM

Haven't seen them yet. All I have seen is the metal clips. How are these different and/or better?

homedic 03-28-2006 07:46 AM

We've got a hinged lead in to easily install these on the sheathing. The design allows the clip, once on, to grip the sheathing so the clips can be pre loaded and the next sheet slid in place. No bending or clips falling off. Our customers have commented that the install has allowed them to take 1-2 hours off of the roofing job of an average size house.
We had them tested for strength and deflection and the result was they are stronger than the steel, in some cases more than twice the load bearing strength. The coastal areas have really been using them because they are resistant to corrosion from salt littered humidity. The web site has alot more info. The distributors like the fact that each size clip can cover a range of sizes, so they are stocking less different items.

AaronB 04-03-2006 07:08 AM

Looks like a good idea. Go to the carpenters, too. They do a lot of roof sheathing.

homedic 04-03-2006 08:03 AM

That's a good idea, I will.
Thanks Aaron,

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