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yellowfinch11 12-31-2010 02:26 PM

Getting the "run around"
First time poster, long time reader! :laughing:

A year ago, I had a roofed deck put onto our home. The roof tied into the existing home roof. Being the roof was added to the deck, the soffit vents are no longer there, hence about 8 soffit vents are not being used (I have soffit vent and a ridge vent).

I also have a skylite in the kitchen just up from this addition. I have lived in the newly built home now for 6 years. Yes, I have a bit of staining on the sheetrock at the very top of the skylite from condensation.

Well, this year and last year, water has come in and stained my ceiling (tape) just above the newly added deck. THat has never happened until we added the deck.

Is my issue now ventilation due to the fact that about 8 soffit panels are no longer in use and I am not getting proper air flow? I am also now getting ice damns by skylite on the roof. The contractor is blaming the skylite.

Thoughts? Sorry it sounds confusing!

Gary in WA 12-31-2010 07:52 PM

Your heated air is entering the attic above without the soffit vents to move, it condenses there. The skylight should have the rafters allowing airflow past, around it. The deck addition's roof should be vented and tied into the house's (intake) for air flow.


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