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yawni 04-15-2012 07:34 PM

GAF: How to cut shingles and start rows on a ridge roof
GAF's timberline natural high profile architectural composition shingle specs require cutting the first shingle in each row in a pattern which is described on the bundle wrapper (inside). I think it's a full shingle, then, cut off six inches, eleven inches and seventeen before starting over again.

This is for a rake roof with straight lines perpendicular or at 90 degrees to the starter course (square or rectangular roof plane or roof with gable ends...)

My question is: "How does one start a hip roof?" (or does it really matter?)


ParagonEx 04-15-2012 07:54 PM

You should cut them into thirds and start on either the lower right or left. Line each new course up so the nail line is just short of the hip rafter.

Cutting them into thirds will give you the cut offs you need and should help reduce waste as much as possible.

yawni 04-16-2012 04:13 PM

How to start each row or course on roofs with hips and valleys without cutting
Thanks, Paragon... while I'm trying get my head around your explanation I did stumble upon the "official" answer which goes like this:

"Snap a line from the eave to the start of the ridge which leaves you a triangle toward the hip, then, offset that first shingle in each course along the chalk line (where you would have made the cut as recommended by GAF) and nail off the rows in both directions. Thus, no cutting would be required until the last shingle in each course wrapped around or over any other hips and each row was completed "all around the building" so to speak."

I suppose this method avoids the problem when "racking" (if this is the correct term) or starting each course in the middle of a roof that is all perpendicular lines (ninety degree corners like with gable ends to the building), which GAF advises against!

btw: I meant hip instead of ridge in my first post. Also, I thought this might have been a worthless question but learned that a lot of people have contacted GAF with the same concern. Thus, I wish I had tagged my post better so that anyone interested could find an answer here more quickly.

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