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moonshadow 08-19-2009 04:29 PM

help with gable roof tie in framing?
I am adding an 8x8 screenroom to the back of my house. The gable roof will meet the existing sloped roof similarly to a dormer. the walls perpendicular to the house are weightbearing down to the ground, and will support the rafter ends. I will use a ridge board and collar ties. I will have 2x8 sleepers under the jack rafter ends as they go up the roof.

The porch joins a 2' x 8' section of the house which was previously a bay window with seat, and is cantilevered 2 feet. As such, If I cut back the existing roof to the wieght bearing wall, I will have to cut back approximately 4 feet.

I originally intended to have the top plates of the walls extend to the roofs surface, and to attach to the slleper boards that will lie under the jack rafters. I was told yesterday that my porch top plates have to tie in to my house's weight-bearing wall top plates. This will involve cutting back four feet of roof. Is there another way to do this?:(

Gary in WA 08-19-2009 07:44 PM

"ridge board and collar ties." Check with your local Building Department. Probably need rafter ties (keep walls from separating) at the wall's plate line, not collar ties (hold the ridge board/rafters together from uplift separation).

"and is cantilevered 2 feet" - I would be concerned the header is strong enough for the additional load as no mention is made as to the size of the bay's header or span.

"tie in to my house's "-- Your information is correct, that is the only way to do this. This is standard framing, the minimum way to build it safely for wind shear, seismic loads, high winds, etc.

Be safe, G

NailedIt 08-19-2009 09:02 PM

Tying into an overhanging bay window frame doesn't sound like a clean way to build onto your home. Do you have a plan you're working from yet?

moonshadow 08-20-2009 02:08 PM

thanks for the advice so far. I am not attaching to the old bay window frame . the beams run perpendicalar rather than using a ledger and a parallel beam. The building inspector had approved all of the design except for asking that the top plates tie in to the house's weight-bearing wall top plate (not the bumped out wall).

So far it looks like I will have to cut into my existing roof, but if anyone has any other suggestions let me know. I am sending revised plans to the building inspector on monday. Thanks again.

NailedIt 08-20-2009 08:03 PM

If you weren't building a screen room I don't think there would be an issue with what you are intending.

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