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Flat roofing options, oh my!

(hopefully this info will be useful to others in similar situations)

For as much as I have learned about roofing with tons of reading over the past few weeks, I have been equally confused (by marketing) and know that there is still a bunch I haven't learned (overwhelming). I'm hoping to get some unbiased information from you veterans in the field who can actually put realistic reason to what options have been provided to me.

Live in the high desert with blistering sun (direct, not radiant heat) for a short summer, and cold winters. We get snow/ice, but not a whole lot or precipitation

Roof is ~flat (1/4"/ft slope)

I anticipate being in this house for at least 10 years but if work and all those things in life work out, I could see up to 20 years before possibly moving into a new house/location (never know with family/work).

The house is about 2000sq ft with a fair bit of pipe/parapet wall complexity as is typical with homes in my area. Old roof is BUR over fiberglass/pumice for sloping (pumice seems to be a no-no in my area now, so code seems to call for removal). Room addition has SPF/gravel (about 1/4 of the area)

Options that have been bid to me:

1) 3 ply modified bitumen (APP torchdown), partial tearoff/re-sloping on BUR area and wrap over the foam section, 10yr warranty, $23k

2) Garna-Flex/Garna-Thane, tearoff/slope BUR area then coat all, 10 year, $22k

3) SPF, tearoff BUR, covered with crushed gravel on flat areas and acrylic elastomeric coating on exposed areas, re-coat the old foam exposed areas, 10 yr warranty, $19k

4) Modified Bitumen (not sure on details yet but would be clarified), with complete tear off/reslope/insulate, 10yr warranty, $25k

5) Modified Bitumen (not sure on details yet but would be clarified), with tearoff/slow of BUR area and leave existing SPF area alone, 10yr warranty, $19k

6) TPO, needs clarification on tearoff/sloping, 20yr, 16k

7) PVC (50mil IB), tearoff/slope/insulate BUR area, wrap over foam area, 10yr workmanship/lifetime membrane, $25k

8) TPO (60 mil carlisle), tearoff/slope BUR and wrap SPF area, 10yr, $26k

I'm skeptical on the low ball TPO and for the price equality, would go PVC over TPO. Skeptical on the Garna-X technology. The foam sounds like it could save a bunch of $ as from what I gather, recoating maintanance is minimized with the gravel coating (only need to paint exposed areas). I don't know what to think of the modified bitumen in all of this. I also don't know how negotiable these bids are. I'm most keen on the idea of SPF and the PVC. The PVC would be nice, but not sure if it is "30% nicer".

Extremely grateful for sage/constructive advice!!!


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IB has a very good track record. Installed properly you should be happy for years to come. Same with a good old 4-ply gravel BUR. SPF are disastrous around here and not used. Stay away from the APP for that money. Already told you my opinions on TPO


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Thanks. I'm not considering TPO but wanted to include it for comparison on the local market. Foam is used a fair bit here probably for insulation reasons and minimal rain. A coworker got it a few years ago and was very happy with it...of course, he had a piss poor BUR install for the original roof that he was patching constantly. If IB was at the 20k mark, I wouldn't really be thinking about this I've read nothing but good things about it (except the price)
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