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Mark Harvey 06-16-2013 09:37 AM

Flat roof leaking
An older flat roof (hot tar and stones) is leaking in one area. Any advice on how to trace the leak and how to repair it? Apparently others have attempted to repair the ara with bandaids but nothing has worked. So, I'm asking the pros and other experienced people for some help. Thanks.

A little more info, ... It leaks over the front foyer, an area about 6 ft. by 8 ft. The ceiling is t&g which I haven't removed as of yet. The walls are drywall. I intend to remove both as they are dammaged and it would give me a chance to see what is there from the underside. We (the owner and I) thing the entrance way may have been added after the house was built. The flat roof extends from over the front door around one side of the house and half the back of the house. The back part is used as a deck.

Any suggestions are welcome. Mark

jagans 06-16-2013 10:04 AM

Post Pictures Mark, along with size, and other data like age, location, etc.

Mark Harvey 06-16-2013 05:26 PM

flat roof
I can't get pictures for a few days but rough estimate is that the length of the roof would be 30 ft and the leaking area is about 6 ft wide. (picture that running along the side of the house). At the back (which doesn't appear to be any concern), the area extends from the side with the flat roof, the width of the house (about 20 ft.) and from the outside wall to a bedroom that goes up from the flat roof area, about 20 ft. Think of the back as a square with a thin rectangular strip running down the left side of the square. The strip is about double the length of the square.
The age is at least fifty years old but we don't know about the roof being re-done at some time or not. We are in Alberta Canada and the weather is generaqlly quite dry. We get snow and ice issues but usually not an issue. This year we've had an excess amount of rain ... day after day.

jagans 06-22-2013 08:54 PM

Still waiting for pictures. :whistling2::whistling2::whistling2:

Mark Harvey 06-24-2013 08:44 PM

Jagans, sorry still no pictures. In my absence I suggested that they strip the ceiling area from the underside and ... at the very least remove the old insulation and vapour barrier. Then look for tell tale signs of water. They did this and I will visit them again shortly to take a look for myself. My client is a very active 80 year old woman who does most of the "stuff" herself. I'm trying to help her out. Anyway, once I see what I have to work with I'll ad another reply and ask for your advice.

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