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paredown 08-17-2010 04:01 PM

Flat roof and insulation quandry
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First time in the roofing section, although I've posted a couple of other problems regarding my ongoing renovation.

Our house is a long "L" shape--think three boxes, flat roof section facing street (bottom of L), turns onto a peaked post and beam center section and finishes with a slightly jogged second flat roof section. House was built in 1963.

Front flat roof section is the current project; it clearly had roof leaks at some point then a "new" flat roof was installed (sometime in the '80s) by a guy who apparently was the last good BUR/tar & gravel installer in the area. All copper flashed, and I believe he added a shallow pitch from center line out so there are scuppers and downspouts on the front, and he added "cut-throughs" on the back flashing to drain onto the transition section of the middle portion of the house.

The roof is not leaking--a tribute to a good install I think. But...

Problem is--I need to insulate. (I snagged an image off the web that will give you an idea of the roof deck construction--but imagine it with almost no insulation!)

Option 1:

Tear down the inside ceilings (and sacrifice the plaster skim coat that my dear wife loves), remove the 2" reflective (?mineral wool; fiberglass?) insulation, retrofit R19 (2x6 and need air gap below deck) from below, re-drywall and deal with the roof later;

Option 2:

Get savage, strip the existing roof and deck (DIY?), tidy up some wiring & vents while open, maybe add a porch extension, spray closed cell foam from the top, guaranteeing a better insulation job (eg around blocking).
Then DIY a new deck.

Then a professional roof install with new tapered board, new counterflash (love to re-use the existing flashing if possible since the budget won't extend to copper), and single sheet (EPDM?).

Option 3:

Abandon the flat roof, and do a low pitched shed-style roof using 2x6 rafters with the high side at the front. New deck and a DIY-friendly roofing material TBD (I've done both metal and shingles before). There are some aesthetic reasons for this choice, but this would mean pulling a permit, etc. And I'm working by myself...

For financial reasons, option 1 is the most attractive, but nothing worse than doing interior work, only to have the roof leak anyways (and nothing soaks up water like fiberglass.:(

What sayeth the wise roofers of the board?

paredown 08-17-2010 04:40 PM

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Not the best, but here are some pics of the section we are talking about, and a couple of shots of the roof, and one of the downspout install.

federer 08-20-2010 11:50 PM

i have the same issue with a flat roof. what the insulation company said was to tear off decking so they can get in there and blow insulation, then re roof

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