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Ramsay19 01-02-2012 04:20 PM

Flat concrete roof
I, i have bought a house! Finally!!! There has been a recent extension built on to the back of the house, single story) ther is a flat concrete roof wher the extension is been built onto and is now a storage cupboard, im having problems with damp coming through the concrete, irs beens flashed, sealed with tar and now ive put felt on it with felt adesive! Still damp!!! Any ideas??

Windows on Wash 01-02-2012 09:19 PM

Where is the home located? Are you sure it is coming from the top down or is it coming from the bottom up?

joecaption 01-02-2012 09:26 PM

Two things wrong, it's a flat roof, and it's concrete.
With any flat roof it's not a matter of will it leak it's when will it leak.
Did you get a home inspection before buying this?
Call some commecial roofing companys they can lay a one piece rubber membrane EPDM down and stop all the leaks.

Ramsay19 01-03-2012 09:03 AM

What about a neoprene rubber lining? That should work

joecaption 01-03-2012 09:09 AM
And this is not a DIY job if you do not want it to leak, your not going to have the tools or the know how.

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