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1stTimer 06-22-2007 07:35 PM

First Time Home Buyer in Need of roofing thoughts
I'm hoping by early July that I will be a first time homeowner. There are a few problems that are getting in the way, but I will talk about the most pressing issue. The current owners have lived in this house for about 12 years and about 5 years ago had the roof resealed (at least that is what I was told). The roof was already there when the current owners first moved in and the homeowners say they are unsure of how old the roof is. The roof is flat and consists of tar and gravel. Regardless of the roof that is currently there I would like to get the roof replaced, but unable to get a estimate b/c I don't occupy the home now. The bigger problem is I need to get an estimate in oder to ask for the price of the home to be dropped to get the roof replaced. Does anyone know how much a tar and gravel or rubber roof would cost, if the roof is about 800 sq feet? Or any good ways to price things out myself? Please hurry b/c closing date is July 6th!!! Hopefully.

Ed the Roofer 06-22-2007 08:49 PM

You can get an estimate if you contact a company who specializes in flat roofing work and inform them that you would be willing to pay for the estimate as an inspection fee.

Many companies will then charge the fee for the estimate, which is reasonable since you do not actually even own the property, and then credit you that amount or a portion of the amount charged once you decide to have them proceed to do the project.

You may also have to get written permission from the current owners to have a contractor come out to the property and do a proper, non-destructive analysis, waiver agreement.

It would be money well spent, but the current home owners do not seem to be misleading you, so why do you expect them to pay for a new roof for your enjoyment when the current one has served them well?

Only if there were signs of existing leakage, would I view it as a major concern, and then still, wouldn't you be expected to own the home and provide your own proper maintenance for aging components?


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