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iteach4jeeps 10-16-2012 05:48 PM

Finally decided to do fascia capping
So I finally decided to do fascia capping but I am the kind of guy that likes to do it right. I do not want to do it twice. Here are my questions, I understand typical fascia capping around the roof line but what about in the special areas?

Like the fascia that is nailed under the fascia that the gutter is attached to onto the brick veneer? Does that typically get capped? If so how? I figured, I'd have to cut the lip off the lower part and slide it up the gap nailing like I typically do.

What do you do about fascias that are flush with the vinyl siding? I am thinking of taking out the lip as well and face nailing the fascia cap then caulking where the vinyl trim is.

One more, I have an awkward end area that will not get covered by the 6 inch fascia I am ordering, would I cut pieces and overlap to make up the difference or get some flashing and paint it white?

I'll try to get pics up soon.

iteach4jeeps 10-17-2012 08:19 AM

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Here is a pic of the large fascia that the capping will not completely cover. I am going to remove all the bad wood, repaint and then cap. The painting may be excessive but I do not mind.

iteach4jeeps 10-17-2012 08:32 AM

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Here is a pic of the fascia that is flush with the vinyl trim. I figure I can cut the caulking out, push the capping into the lower gap and slip the upper part under the drip edge. I would rather not face nail it, maybe under the drip edge I can.

Here is a pic of the fascia wood below the gutter, note the gap between the wood and the brick, this is going to be difficult to push the capping into. I can trim the edge off so it is flatter and push it up, nail it the same as the rest of the fascia.

joecaption 10-17-2012 08:54 AM

Where's the soffit venting?
Before capping anything this would be the perfect time to also add soffet vents if needed and cover the soffit with vinyl vented soffits so there's no painting needed later on. You need a brake to do this job right.
That whole end piece is done as one piece of coil stock.
What do you plan on using for material to do this job?
The gutters need to come down before wraping.

If you plan on using the preformed vinyl I'd strongly suggest againt it.
It buckles up horrible as soon as the sun hits it. It says right on it to not face nail. Once you do it's doomed. For years I did the punch list on moduler homes, every single time I had to repair, replace vinyl fasias that had fallen off or was bowed out so bad water could get in behind it. Once they started using PVC coil stock the calls stoped to come fix it.

I do mine differant then anyone else I know, but have never once had a piece come loose, or have it buckle up.
I install utility trim (also known as under sill trim) up under the drip cap, I use a special tool called a lock joint punch. It punches the metal but leaves a tab sticking out that when snapped into the utility trim can not come unlocked without a zipper tool. I then punch oval shaped holes with a tiny punch made just for trim nails in the bottom where it bends over so you can nail into the bottom of the fashia not into the face of the material.

This is one job I would not suggest a first time DIY do. Just not going to have even have the tools or know how to do it right.
Just the brake to bend it cost over $1500.00.
Done wrong and your going to be letting water in and getting traped behind it to rot out the wood.

iteach4jeeps 10-17-2012 10:56 AM

I want to use preformed panels because I am not paying a company to subcontract out the job and charge a buttload of money when my roof wasn't even done right and it was a contracted job. I am biased against contracters now because of that one horrible experience.

I have inspected homes in my area who have had professional jobs and they are not perfect. They do not look any better than I would be capable of doing. It is a mix of coil and preformed panels in my neighborhood and I prefer the look of the preformed. The coil stuff just looks thin and cheap.

I have venting in certain areas of the house but not everywhere. I also have venting at the ridge.

I like your explanation of how you do it but how is the homeowner supposed to take down the trim for maintenace or painting or even just general inspections?

I understand how to do it right in the regular fascias, around the house. The directions are right there on the box and websites. It is just in a few weird areas, I do not.

Any other people have input?

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