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SCDome 09-25-2009 10:59 PM

Felt for Reinke Alum Shakes
My first post here. I am Owner/building a 51' geodesic dome home in upstate SC. Have purchased the Reinke Alum shakes and am planning on using synthetic felt for underlayment. However, I came across a great deal on some roofing material and need to know if I can substitute this product for the felt. The product is Tamko Tam Ply IV. From research on the web this is a fiberglass matting with asphalt coating that comes in a 5 sq roll and looks similar to felt, but is used for commercial flat roof applications as a base and hot asphalt applied on top. I have not seen the product yet (other than pictures) not sure if it is too stiff, not suitable etc. The Reinke Alum Shakes require felt between the shakes. Reinke recommends 15# felt, another roofer recommended using the synthetic between the shakes also. The synthetic is going to run me about $75/10sq and I need about 120sq., the Tamko I think I can get for a song. Any advice?

AaronB 09-26-2009 01:53 PM

If it is used for hot applications, it most likely is not a solid material, meaning that it will have space between the fibers for the hot asphalt to saturate through, not being water proof.

This being said, there were a few base sheets (Globe, for instance) that was an organic mat with asphalt saturation, that was better than 15# or 30# felt. It was essentially a 43# organic felt that worked great for mop and shingle work.

I was sad when globe went out of business because of the quality of this base sheet.

Check with the roofing material manufacturer to make sure you do not void their warranty by using "aftermarket" underlayments.

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