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Fascia Siding interfering with drip edge?

I got a new roof a couple years ago, when they replaced roof they mistakenly damaged gutter which contractor replaced for free, since the gutter was getting replaced I decided to have them install siding over wood fascia. I had some bad ice dams last winter and was wondering if the way it was installed could be a contributing factor (I know attic insulation and ventilation is the best fix for ice dams)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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That is one strange way to have run that coil stock. It should have been run behind the gutters not bent up and inside of it. I could see if water was getting in behind the gutters but that's not the case here.
But the ice dams as you noted have nothing to do with the way it was done.
If there's not R-50 insulation and proper venting in the attic there's going to be ice dams.


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It looks to me like that wrap was put on after the gutters were installed.Was the gutters installed by a gutter company or were they purchased from lowes or HD? The reason I ask is my gutter guy's use posts rather than those screw anchors.That won't affect the performance of the gutters at all.It is a way to determine by who they were installed by.

That wrap looks like pre bent fascia wrap from those stores too.For what ever reason they were turned around backwards with the lip out instead of under the soffit.

Or since the gutters are hanging so low they might have thought that lip would have kept the water from running behind the gutter.That might have worked had it had a positive degree allowing the water to roll into the gutter rather than running the length then killing that corner.

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Looks like coil bent to act like gutter flashing. It's bent to allow the anchors to be installed correctly and not through the gutter flashing. There is another metal fascia behind all that I'm sure.

The ice dams are caused by lack of insulation and ventilation. The gutters and all that metal showing just make them worse.
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I can't tell for sure, but -
I don't see any vents in the soffit.

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Originally Posted by rossfingal View Post
I can't tell for sure, but -
I don't see any vents in the soffit.

Your right no soffit vents (or insulation inside), If I knew enough a couple years ago I would have had it done while I was doing everything else. I am thinking of putting in several of the circular vents after I insulate which will be a pain in the a$% because access is diffcult due to dormers on the front.

After reading everyones replies I looked at the back of my house and the gutter is up a good 4" higher, the front is probably lower because of the bay window that was installed in the middle front. The contractor was mainly a roofer but also did gutters, windows, siding etc. The continuous gutter was delivered but yes the other stuff was probably home depot.

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Here in SE Wisconsin, last year was a "perfect storm" kind of year for ice dams.

Gutters can contribute to the severity of ice dams, but aren't the cause, as it seems you know.

The gutter in your first picture looks like it's hung a little low at first, but as I look down the gutter I see that there was the continuation of another roof slope that had the guy hang them where he did.

Vent that puppy! And when you're cold because there's no insulation, insulate it.

You'll need both intake and exhaust ventilation, in the correct amounts, to vent it properly.
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If ice dams are a big issue and you don't have the finances to properly resolve the problem, look into getting the heated gutter cables.


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