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Hi, it was good to speak with you on the phone moments ago. As we discussed the things you are going to want to check would include the linear footage of the roof vent, quick math tells me that for such a steep roof with large cubic footage of attic space in a 200 square foot foot print, you would need about 70 linear feet of ridge vent with about 45 soffit intake vents, or 139 linear feet of 2" continuious soffit vent.

In regards to installation issues, check to see that the ridge vent was properly cut in. You would want to see 1-1.5" of cut roof sheathing, depending if you have a ridge beam or not. You stated to me on the phoen that you thought the ridge vent were a rigid plastic, indicating to me that it's a Cobra II which it's not likley would be compressed unless the roofers were complete bafoons. However if it were Cobra roll, it's very ez to over nail and compress the vent especially fi the roofers are using short nails. You would want to check to ensure that the attic insulation does not block the air flow in from the soffits. You would also want to remove the vented soffit panels to ensure the cuts for fresh air intake are there and are properly lined up with the vented panels. It's very common for the siding guys to put vented soffit panels on just for show, I see this alot.

Also as discussed the fact that it was 95* outside and 120* in your attic is not ultra-alarming. In theory you want to have the attic temprature as close to the outside temprature as possible but there will always be some degree of heat gain. I would be more alarmed if the attic were 100*+ on an 80* day, that would be a better indicator of a ventilation problem.

The installation of attic fans may be a problem if the lack of intake is a problem. What I mean is, the fan motors will burn out within a few years if they have nowhere to draw air from. Furthermore if you choose to install attic fans you must remove the ridge vent or you will create a ventilation short circuit, which essentially means that the fans will pull air from their paths of least resistance. That path is the closest opening for air flow, that closest opening would then be the ridge vent instead of the overhangs/intake. Therefore the majority of the attic space would not be ventilated, thus creating the short circuit.



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