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ikleiman 07-30-2012 08:27 AM

EPDM and ice and water shield question

I just tore off some roll roofing from a shed with a 14' x 20' flat roof and plan to put on an EPDM roof. One end of the flat roof joins to another shed with about 10' of shared wall. That joint has a very short vertical run up to the other eave, with only 2' vertical on one side and 4" on the other. This whole area is covered with ice and water shield. My problem is what to do about this termination and transition.

I started to remove some of the ice and water, but it is quite difficult to get off. So then I thought I could just leave it and put the epdm over the ice and water, but everything I've read says no to that. I'm not sure what to do. Also, if I do get the ice and water shield off, won't the residue from it interfere with the epdm adherence?

Being a novice, I didn't figure this all out before tearing off the roof. Also, I'm hoping that I can use the latex bonding adhesive for the very small 10' x 2-4" area of vertical wall.

One last question. The guys at the hardware store said to get screws for the termination bars, so I got some #8 3/4 screws. I see in the manufacturer's materials that they show nails with plates. Will I have a problem with putting screws through the membrane? What is best to use? I thought that nails could eventually pop out a bit whereas screws will not.

Please enlighten me with informed suggestions!

Ian K

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