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globex 08-18-2011 01:42 PM

edge vents or dci vents
Okay here's the problem. I have a colonial style house with cathedral type ceilings on second floor. When house was built the soffit vents were covered up with insulation. I have tried unsuccessfully to try and wedge my body into the space in the attic to try and pull it away from those vents but I cannot reach anywhere near due to the low roof where it meets the framing for the ceiling for the rooms below. also the holes cut for the vents on the outside are too small to fit my hand up into to try and pull insulation out. A solution offered to me is the edge vent or dci venting about three feet up from roof edge due to the dormers being in the way and the fact that insulation would still be a problem. The theory is that with my passive vents at top and new vents near bottom that it would work the same or at least regulate temperature better than what I have now without creating a more expensive and time consuming solution. Any thought or ideas. Live in Northwest Illinois

Ed the Roofer 08-18-2011 06:56 PM

I have been successfully using the Smart Vent from DCI for 10 years now and have compared it to The Edge offered by Air Vent and like many facets of the Smart Vent better, but number one is the 10 + year track record of positive results and customer satisfaction.

I work out of the NW suburbs, so the climate is the same as yours and there have been NO negative results ever mentioned by post job surveys from any of my customers.


Grumpy 08-18-2011 08:17 PM

I have used edge vent on a few projects with good results. I don't know how either the DCI nor the edge don't leak in heavy winter climates but so far so good. No 10 year record here like Ed, I still don't trust them, I don't understand why they don't leak, but they seem to function flawless.

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