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Fun Value 04-08-2012 12:31 AM

Back to edit. I asked the question below by describing the rough edge of the asphalt as the sand side. Also I used sand in the title. I guess I shouldn't have used the word sand in the title. No one responded. Probably it is not sand so no one knows what I am talking about.
I am trying to replace the roll roofing on the shed add.on to our house. The winds often gust to over 50 miles per hour. Recently the wind blew the sheet of asphalt off. I noticed this happened even though the previous owners had it nailed about every 2 inches.
So I bought rolls of new felt, new asphalt and aluminum drip edge and put the drip edge over the felt at the bottom along the gutter, but didn't put any drip edge along the shallow sloping edges yet. Along the edge I want to put the flat 4 inch side of the aluminum drip edge over top of the asphalt surface so as to help hold it down in the wind. I don't care that much about the look because it is just a shed add.on. But will the rain get under the drip edge this way or what? Will my proposed drip edge installation provide a path to the fascia? Would I just be better off putting tires along the edge of the roof to hold everything down?:wink:

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