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TVC15 10-19-2009 05:04 AM

Drip edge metal
My flat roof (1:12) has 1" x 6" fascia board that creates a 4" parapet because it is nailed to the 2" deck edge.

Is this correct after tear-off:

1. Install cant strips around perimeter.

2. Base sheet and torched material travel the deck and up the 4" parapet wall.

3. Drip edge metal (in the shape of a inverted "U") fitted over the fascia/roof covering material and nailed to the fascia board.

Anything missing?

tinner666 10-19-2009 07:07 AM

Sounds correct. Hidden continuous cleats would be better.

TVC15 10-19-2009 02:27 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Can you explain the cleat and how/where it fits into the new roof material?

I searched the forum - could not find description, size, weight, how to fasten, where to buy, etc.

I am doing 1/2 (4 squares) of the roof and, have to maintain the same profile and roof line on the front (I am reusing the carefully removed, 20 year old, custom made drip edge.)

Photo attached.


tinner666 10-19-2009 03:06 PM

I hope this helps. There are variations on this theme too.

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