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wallace1 10-31-2009 11:06 AM

Determining Roof Leak after Repairs
Had a roof leak on roof less than one year old. Roofer made repairs but said to wait for more rain to make sure leak fixed before painting.

I asked best way to tell if really fixed. He suggested spraying a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water on the stain. I sprayed the stain two times but it does not completely go away.

Thought about spraying some Kilz to cover the stain but thought this might tend to seal the area and make leak detection more difficult.

Any other suggestions?

BamBamm5144 10-31-2009 05:50 PM

The only way to get rid of the stain now is to replace the shingles. It makes me wonder what type of contractor you had work on your house if he said to mix bleach and water to find a leak. How often does it rain bleach? In my mind, that does not make sense.

meboatermike 10-31-2009 06:45 PM

the bleach part
If I am reading the post correctly, I think the roofer was suggesting hitting the damaged area on the inside with the bleach and water not the roof to see if still leaking. Kilz or any white pigmented shellac should cover the stain that the leak caused and I doubt it will hinder any new leak from showing up for too long.

johnk 10-31-2009 10:14 PM

Replace the drywall:yes:

wallace1 11-01-2009 11:32 AM

The bleach part
meboatermike, you are correct.


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