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soocrates126 05-15-2007 10:26 PM

Crumbled Ridge Roof
Need some advice from professionals. My roof is 12 years old with a 20 year guarantee on materials. Composition shingles. The ridges are totally disinigrating and crumbling, blowing off. Rest of the roof is in great condition. Vents were not put in with installation and I have been told it is the heat cooking the ridges. Also told the manufacturer (not roofer) will not pay for faulty materials but I have not checked as yet. Contractor wants to charge $1200 to vent and replace ridges. I have some paperwork from installation but not where the shingles came from.
Any ideas????????? I do like this contractor and what he says makes sence. Another said he didn't think it was the heat but faulty shingles. What to do...............:eek:

Brik 05-16-2007 10:12 AM

Just fix it. Just doing new cap shingles should be a cheap job and if you do not have other issues caused by poor ventilation then spend the couple of hundred on the new cap and be done with it and forget the vent.

Even if you could find the manufacturer, and even if you could get them to stand behind their warranty, they will likely only cover the cost of the materials and they may even depreciate that over the life expectancy. So, lets say you need 4 bundles at say $10 per bundle, thats $40. If they pro rate it they will send you a check for 12/20ths of $40 or $24!!! My numbers are made up of course. My point is, do not expect much, if anything, from the manufacturer.

soocrates126 05-16-2007 02:48 PM

Crumbled Roof
Thanks for responding. You are not the only one to tell me all that. One roofer said they don't even make 20 year guarantees anymore and that I lucked out making it to 12 years. I didn't know anything about roofs before but I sure have learned a lot. Never too late!:thumbup: Thanks for all your imput.

Ed the Roofer 05-16-2007 06:36 PM

Since the remaining portion of your roof seems to be in good condition, you should attempt to strech out the longevity of the roof, by no providing the correct intake and exhaust ventilation.

You need to have a "Balanced" intake to exhaust ventilation scenario for proper attic air flowage, known as ventilation.

Since you have roof that you described as having a ridge, I am presuming that it is a gable style roof with plenty of ridge line to access and ventilate for the exhaust portion of the equation.

Have your roofing contractor remove the existing shingle ridge caps and then follow the instructions from the Ridge Vent product he has had good results working with.

I personally believe that the Shingle Vent II, ridge vent product made by the Air Vent Corporation is the premium product, due to its historical success rate when installed correctly, and from having an internal filter and an external wind deflecting baffle on both sides of the vents profile. We nail this product in with 2 1/2" long roofing nails by hand to ensure a proper snugness to the decking and then use the same length roofing nails to install the shingle ridge caps.

A properly "Balanced" attic ventilation system will have between 50 % to 60 % of the total NFVA entering into the attic by fresh air intake ventilation products.

The most assured way of achieving this, is to install contiuous strip ventilation, giving 1/2 of the total of the ridge vents 18 sq in of NFVA exhaust, therefor, you would need all of your eave edge soffits to have strip vents at 9" NFVA per foot on both sides of the house.

Disintegrating shingles are the least of your concerns, as the deck sheathing is also continually being bombarded with this super-heated attic environment and is probably losing some of its structural integrity.

Integrity? I like that word! What roofing contractor would not only inadequately ventilate an entire new roof, but totally disregard this critical aspect for longetivity in the first place?

Over 90 % of all of them. That who. Rarely, is the manufacturers specification done properlly, which ultimitely will release the manufacturer of any of their justly due liability, but not if the roof was not done to specs.


soocrates126 05-16-2007 07:05 PM

Crumbled Roof
Thanks Ed the Roofer,

I really appreciate all your info and I am collecting all I can. I love this site. I stumbled across it accidently and sure am glad. You sure know the difference in integrity. I call them FINISH MEN.

Thanks again.............

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