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shatz 01-01-2012 09:57 AM

Chimney Flashing Cost
Hey, all!
I live in the Cincinnati area (Covington). My house is just 100 years old, and has a simple gabled roof on a west-east axis, with the original slate on the main roof and terne on the ells and porches. I have an estimate of $2 500.00 to replace 100+ slates on the roof (mostly south-side), which seems pretty reasonable. Replacements are salvaged. Estimate is from a reputable slate company in the midwest. I'm pretty sure the chimney flashing is original, so I asked for that, too. It's like $1100.00 per chimney! ! They use copper, and it's pretty high up (third floor over raised basement ), but does this seem reasonable? What questions should I be asking them before I sign a contract? Chimneys are built into the walls, not external, with box spouts. Roof is appx 45 slope decline.
Thanks, yall!

oh'mike 01-01-2012 10:20 AM

Straight "how much' questions seldom yield usable results here--

State roofing is a specialty trade --Check references and see if you can find another slate roofing specialist to give you a bid---

There are a couple of slate roofers as members--perhaps they can add some insight.--Mike--

tinner666 01-01-2012 04:35 PM

You must have more than one chimney, and as you say, other work going on. I'd be $1.100.00 each and maybe higher.
If it was simply a chimney reflash only, (A single chimney, it'd probably be o0ver $1,400. for the single. Some I do run $3,500. and higher.

shatz 01-01-2012 04:53 PM

Gentlemen ....
I am grateful for your prompt replies ... i can certainly understand that 'how much' questions are basically meaningless .... i gave the info i thot might be relevant, hoping someone would be able to validate it .... i'm not wet behind the ears, but when it comes to heights & winds, well -- enough hell -- i oughta be ..... i don't suggest the cost per chimney is out o' line ..... i merely ask if it might be ..... DSC only noted that flashing will in future need replacing ... i say, if you're up there, why not? So --i is the cost reasonable? One vote for yes, one neutral ...... i might also point out this is cinti ... cost of living is rather low ... not like back east, including richmond, which, compared to my native DC, is a walk in the park when it comes to cost ......

oh'mike 01-01-2012 05:07 PM

Sounds like Tinner agreed that you bid is right in the ball park--If there is another Slate roof specialist in the area--get one more quote---otherwise--your decision.

tinner666 01-01-2012 09:14 PM

I'll try to clarify my thoughts on this case.

To me, it sounds like he's giving a discount rate 'while he's up there'. I should have been clearer when I gave examples.

shatz 01-02-2012 08:29 AM

thank you, gentlemen ! it is, in fact, a discount rate b/c he's already up there ... as i noted above, it just seemed really high. it's now a done deal (or about to be ... faxing the contract in right now ).

all the best ! /shatz

oh'mike 01-02-2012 09:05 AM

That sounds like a unique old house---I'd enjoy seeing a picture--Mike--

dmc@RCR 01-02-2012 12:00 PM

First question would be why you need to replace 100+ slates. If they are good quality slates there may be a ventilation problem.

The price does not seem out of line. Depends on the chimney.
More important is the quality of the workmanship. I suggest you have the contractor take before, during and after pictures of the job. What you can't see can hurt you.

Here are a couple links so you can see what it should look like:

Chimney Flashing

Chimney Flashing Video

By "reputable mid-west company " I assume you mean Durable Slate. And I agree.

Gymschu 01-02-2012 01:15 PM

Redoing chimney flashing on a SLATE roof is one of the most difficult jobs to do. I would feel quite comfortable with an $1100 quote.

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