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MacFromOK 06-05-2006 12:03 AM

Changing Roof Style
Hey guys,

My current roof has 3 gables, and I want to eliminate the third one on the side (which I guess would make the house a "ranch" style).

I had to re-lay one valley and caulk around around the turbine last time I had a roof put on (after the first 1/2 inch rain there were water spots in the ceilings of two rooms - and this guy was recommended by a contractor!). I'm now considering a metal roof, and I also plan to eliminate the turbine and connect/route all plumbing vents to one end.

I want nothing but two flat sloping sides on the roof. Period.

I'll have to hire the work done now due to health issues, and I'm wondering how expensive this job should be. The gable is prolly 12 ft wide or so and doesn't quite reach the center roof line. The house isn't large - approx 1440 sq ft, rafters on 2' centers and plywoood decking. The porch (under the 3rd gable) isn't large, and the taper from the rafters will slope to the edge (once extended of course) with plenty of headroom.

There should be enough 2x4s and decking from the removed gable to do this job, but I'm not sure whether a contractor will agree to used materials.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks, Mac

joasis 06-05-2006 06:38 AM

You should have no problem with a contractor using the existing materials to remove the gable. The actual metal roof should not cost more then $4500 installed, plus the labor to remove the 3rd gable. Since you are close to Longreach Steel, you can buy your roof metal direct, and save yourself the markup. Good luck.

MacFromOK 06-05-2006 04:42 PM

OK, thanks. :)

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