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EnlightMent 03-09-2007 11:24 AM

Changing Pitch over roof. tying into house rafters?
My roof for the house is on a 6/12 pitch. My porch goes out 6.5 ft from the house and 9'8" high. Of ccourse my ceilings in my house are 9'6". My question is this.

1. Can I join the new rafters from the porch to the house rafters half way up the roof going from a 6/12 to a 3/12 pitch?

2. A roofer came out a told me to make a strong back and cut a board on a 6/12 pitch and come out a a frame the addition. the problem is this would kill my budget, which is almost gone now...

If the first option will work that would be really cool, but I know this is not the preferred way of doing it. I have seen several houses in and around this small Alabama town with roofs that start out a 6/12 and somewhere down the roof the pitch changes and extends out to catch the porch.

I know we made a mistake in take the colloms to high, but there has to be someway this is fixable without paying someone to fix it.

Broke and need up!


I can up pictures of what I have done if that will help...

AaronB 03-09-2007 12:05 PM

That would help a lot.

gary 03-23-2007 12:46 PM

If I understand your question, you want to tie the porch rafters to the existing house rafters? You don't have a snow load to be concerned about, but anywhere a roof pitch changes as in your case from 6/12 to 3/12 there is the potiental for a leak, at the pitch transitition I would use weather guard, if the main house has shingles I would remove several courses put down the weather guard from there to the edge of your porch, then reshingle. As far as tieing in your prch rafters, remove the facial and soffit boards exposing the house rafter tails, fit the porch rafters so that they rest on the house plate, (where your house rafters set) and along side each house rafter, nail porch rafters to plate and to the side of the house rafters. You might want to check your building codes, areas of high wind may have different requirements.

roofwiz74 03-27-2007 12:16 AM

here we go again,pick your pitch tie it in to the rafters not the plywood.get some low slope roofing done with it.

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