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Wendy Honold 08-19-2007 10:14 PM

CertainTeed Landmark 50 asphalt shingles
I am in Sheboygan, WI. In April, 2005 I had a complete tearoff done and had CertainTeed Landmark 50 shingles installed on my home. I live in a heavily wooded area, have gutter screens to help reduce leaf debris, and clean my gutters every fall. Since 2005 there has been a constant loss of shingle gravel, which I find in my gutters and at the wash down areas of downspouts. I also noticed the beginning of warping in several areas. I understand that CertainTeed Horizon shingles were found to be defective. I don't know if this loss of shingle gravel is a constant problem with their products across the board. I can't find any discussion about Landmark 50. I have registered a warranty complaint/claim. I am wondering if ANYONE has information or problems with Landmark 50 shingles. Thank you.

Docfletcher 08-19-2007 10:38 PM

The pros on this board may be able to advise you. I took the liberty of looking online for information on your shingle. The sure start warranty for Landmark 50 would seem to be five years as far as I could determine. I did notice some wording about the product being installed with strict accordance with the installation requirements imposed by Certainteed for warranty . Have you discussed this at all with the company that installed the product? If so what did they have to say.

Wendy Honold 08-21-2007 03:26 PM

The roofer claims he did everything correctly and that any concerns I have would be warranty issues. In registering my claim with CertainTeed, I complied withtheir requirement by providing proof of purchase and proof of installation. I further provided pictures of the newly installed roof of 2005, pictures of all ventalation, pictures of shingle gravel from my gutters, and pictures of warping. CertainTeed informed me that they have no representatives in this area, and they want me to find a contractor who will remove/replace shingles for me to send them a sample for a $50 reimburseable fee. The latter request is not under "What the Customer Must Do" requirements of the warranty.

I have spoken to several roofing contractors about the situation and asking for estimates for replacement. My 2005 warranty does not require that CertainTeed shingles be used. Every contractor, when they hear the name CertainTeed, sneers, scoffs, rolls their eyes, waves a hand like 'they wouldn't touch that brand', and when asked for explanation I've heard numerous performance complaints. Even though Capretz & Associates is representing nationwide consumers of Horizon brand roof shingles manufactured by CertainTeed, which have been linked to premature deteriorating, curling, pitting and moisture invasion, every contractor I have spoken to says that EVERY CertainTeed shingle however labeled is an inferior product and they won't install them. I have not contacted the above law firm as yet. The contractors feel their reputation among consumers suffers when they install a product that has performance issues. They have been recommending IKO or Elk. I'm trying to do research this time, before reinstallation and not just trust the contractor or supplier to know what is best. That's why I'm online asking for all helpful information I can get. I also want to thank you for your assistance and perhaps continued assistance.

Wendy Honold 08-21-2007 03:33 PM

You mentioned that the pros might be helpful here. I am new to stumbling through the 'how to' of this chat room. How do I reach the pros? I would love to have access to the contractor's chat forum, but I am unable to join, as I am not a contractor. Actually I'm not even a do it yourselfer, I'm just a homeowner who is a sitting duck right now with this defective roof. I don't want to choose another brand to only end up in the same boat or worse depending on the replacement product I choose. Thank you.

Docfletcher 08-21-2007 06:00 PM

Can you post some photos? What kind of house? Roof pitch? How is your attic ventilated? Is the ventilation sized correctly? What color is the roof? The answers to these questions would prove helpful. I believe warping can be caused by excessive heat build up. Dos the company that did your roof say that they feel your shingles are defective?

I'm sure the pros on the board have already seen your post. They may be reluctant to comment with so much information not present. Or they may be concerned with the legal exposure. I can't speak for them.

Wendy Honold 08-21-2007 07:18 PM

pictures of Landmark 50
I have a single storey ranch style home with normal pitch roof. Shingles are gray. I have gable vents, ridge vents and eves vents. I have the collection of photos placed in an 2 excel files (20.3 MB + 6.89MB). I don't know if the files will post. I am not only a newby, I am also unfamiliar with all the procedures for chat exchanges. The roofer has only spoken to me over the phone. He says, as does CertainTeed that some gravel loss is normal. He claims that if I have issues with the performance of the shingles, that it would be a warranty issue and not involve him. He claims that the shingles are installed correctly. I purchased this home in approx 1987 and replaced that roof in 2005. In all those years there was no gravel loss. The amount of gravel I'm losing now is alarming. I don't think these shingles will last a decade even though they are 50 yr. I tried to upload the 2 files, which was taking a long time. My guess is that they are too big. Let me know please. Thank you

Malcolm 08-21-2007 08:16 PM

I don't know how much granules you are losing, but I have read that high warranty shingles lose a lot the first couple of years. They put a lot of granules on these shingles to last that long. I think there is a thread on this board that discusses that. I have read bad things about IKO, so I would personally stay away from them. I'm not sure about the waves you are referring to. Can you post a couple of picks? Is it the tar paper showing through, or possible the sheathing bowing? I would look into the attic. I think the use of ridge vents plus gable vents will cause a short circuit of air flow. This may possibly void your warranty. Don't hold me on that though. Wait for Ed to come by. He knows a lot about ventilation.

Docfletcher 08-21-2007 09:46 PM

I know your frustrated, I do emphasize with you. For sure you feel victimized. You must get photos up! Even if you have to use another computer. You must help yourself, and you must help me and the board help you. (I hope The Board)
I don't know how to help you off hand. You have talked to a attorney, right? What did he say? How about the BBB, what do they say about your roofer with regard to complaints? I'm not saying your roofer did anything incorrect. Yet, there is a problem. Your job madam is to do a little or lots as the case me be to ferret out who is culpable. Is not the roofer acting on your behave, as your advocate with Certainteed.

No pros have chimed in? Pros, can you say something here even if generic in nature to offer some sage council. Pros this is your chance to make the board evolve into something more. To make it better, yes much better. Pros, truly you have a opportunity here to help this board evolve into something more.

AtlanticWB how would you assist your customer? When you say something, it's short and sweet, right to the point, so how bout it .

Roofer Jim, I tested your metal. I know, I stepped on you toes a little. Ok, a lot. I assure you I meant no disrespect. As a matter a fact I did listen to my roofer. I am doing Cobra. Not just because of your words, but that is a part of it. I know now you are indeed above board. I guess I pushed the envelope a bit. Sorry for sure. Can you not weigh in here ? Do you care and do you want to make a difference. That's what it comes down to. What about you other board members, have you no time to get involved? You don't need to be a pro roofer to chime in! What would you do? How would you pursue this matter.

This is truly a opportunity to get involved. Isn't that why your here?

the roofing god 08-21-2007 10:39 PM

actually we have lives and businesses to run,and come in our spare time,Wendy the granule loss is normal for a short period after roof installation,you should also have soffit vents(at gutter overhang area),alsoit`s very important that you have the proper amt. of attic insulation(my area requires min. R-38),TOO LITTLE INSULATION OR VENTILATION CAN BAKE THE SHINGLES FROM UNDERNEATH CAUSING SIMILAR PROBLEMS-It sounds like defective shingles,but hard to GUESS w/out seeing,certainteed is generally good if all the needs(insulation,ventilation,+waterproofing are met-feel free to e-mail your pics to me and I`ll try to put them also helps to know what area you`re in,and if the shingles are fiberglass,or organic base:)

Docfletcher 08-21-2007 10:43 PM

Malcolm, thanks for your input. I was typing away, albeit slowly trying to get others into the scene.

the roofing god 08-21-2007 10:46 PM

so doc ,what am I chopped liver??:eek: :no:

Docfletcher 08-21-2007 10:47 PM

Dear God, thanks a bunch!


Docfletcher 08-21-2007 10:51 PM

Ya know God, I waited days for you. Or someone kinda like you, even if a poor imitation to come along and assist. Better late than never.:yes::laughing:

the roofing god 08-21-2007 10:56 PM

actually,if you don`t mind,it`s the roofing god or TRG for short,I don`t want to piss off the big guy:thumbsup: -she only posted yesterday dude!

Docfletcher 08-21-2007 11:03 PM

Shes, already pissed!!! Thought shall have no other God but thee! I mean chezz, the very thought of a roofing God? Say, where is your temple anyway? It could be worse you know, you could have to work for a living. I used too.:laughing:

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