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armanda 06-28-2011 04:15 PM

Bouncy area under new shingles
Upon going onto the roof to check out our newly installed roof, I discovered an area near the top ridge cap that feels like it has tin underneath it and gives a bouncy effect to the shingles in that area. It seems to run the entire length of the roof on that side of the house and is about 3" across(vertically) I can press it with my finger. It feels like a lack of support under parts of the shingles in that area. I felt it because it bounced with the movement of my shoe as I walked horizontally along the roof.

Would any DIY chatroom members consider this serious or is it normal in houses with sheathing planks where roofers fill gaps? I don't recall this problem with the previous roof, but wasn't on it much. Also many of the sheathing planks were replaced when the roofers installed the new roof so bad planks should not be the problem.

CplDevilDog 06-28-2011 05:00 PM

If there is not a ridge vent that you are stepping on (look under the cap shingles for a space), I would guess the roofer cut the sheathing back, planning for one. Then if one wasn't installed, he may have capped the ridge with flashing.

On an aside, never step directly on the ridge or in the valleys while walking a roof, it can damage the flashing.

armanda 06-28-2011 05:23 PM

Thanks CplDevilDog for your reply and your advise about the areas to avoid walking onto. I appreciate that. I didn't fully explain that the area in question is about 2 rows (courses?) away from the ridge and there is no ridge vent in this house, just gable vents. I did go into the attic and can see that there is a long area visible from the attic hatch that extends as far as I can see that has metal filled in between the 1st and second sheathing planks downward from the peak and the metal area is about 3 inches across and seems to go the length of the house.

So I hope that would mean the bouncy area is from the tin and is normal in the roofing business and not to be concerned about?

kwikfishron 06-28-2011 05:33 PM

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Originally Posted by armanda (Post 676089)

So I hope that would mean the bouncy area is from the tin and is normal in the roofing business and not to be concerned about?

This is not normal or acceptable.

There should be solid sheathing throughout. There should not be any areas on the roof thatís bouncy.

Call the roofer back to fix it.

armanda 06-28-2011 06:15 PM

Thank you kwikfishron,

Not looking forward to having repairs done on new roofing.

Handywithascrew 06-29-2011 08:59 PM

lucky if flashing is all you need to question
How is this for a scenario to deal with? Any advise would be appreciated,too. Contractor rep thinks (you might have "extra work" done in your house because you have wood and tools all over.) Doesn't ask and receive answer that they have been there for years, nowhere else to put them.( You cover your windows! )Yah... thieves see copper, they then come steal it. Same for your Big TVs, competers, etc. Curtains drawn, not "covered" up. (You don't like the permit man I bet)... never met him, been years since permits used. But he thinks I don't like him. They have been working together for years, being in the roofing business. Hmmm. Rep calls permit pal (?),something like this goes down... hey, I'm doing this roof soon, bet dollars to donuts you'd find a lot of things here, seems too odd. Opening up a big soft spot, if you could "happen" to come by right then, you might see a lot of rot. Then as your pal, you can stop work until it's fixed, I'd get big bucks to fix it or roof left opened up. Okay, my rep friend, but it would have to seem casual. How about right before that we decide to do a street by street violation assessment, have TV cameras document it as just a casual thing, then that's a good reason to be suddenly on that street right at the moment you need me. We might get lucky with some violations, and you either get more money, or they will be out to someone else but YOU still get the roof money. Glad to help out my licensed worker friends. Now you might think this is rediculous. Some parts are speculation, but the end results....? So, I'd like to hear from do it yourselfers how they are able to get the enjoyment of fiddling around their house without everyone getting in on it to cause trouble, even if there is nothing to warrant such meanness. New roof and only a flashing area not too well done? I envy you the roof at least being DONE. My every slight gap in rock solid boards: " that will all need to be replaced, see the gaps?". Not happy I knew you can just flash over any little gaps, not pay for 40% or whatever for new decking to pad the bill.:(

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