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eagle2x 08-14-2008 04:37 PM

bats in my roof end vents
I have two large roof end vents in my large attic. One of the end vents is infested with bats, some appear to very young. Fotunately, the interior side of the vents are covered with screen wire so the bats cannot enter the attic.
My quest is twofold: (1) Any recommendatios as to how to get the bats to leave this bat hotel. (2) Does anyone know if exterior screens are available for roof end vents (this would be a permanent solution to prevent bats from entering the louvers).

Grass Valley Gal 08-17-2008 11:40 AM

Why do you want to get rid of them if they can't get into your attic? Are they making a mess with thier guano? We had about 300 bats living in our roof and managing to get into the house now and then. I used to watch them fly out every evening. One evening I counted 140 bats exiting in ten minutes. A couple of years ago the roof caught on fire thanks to the stove pipe. We had to cover the entire roof with tarps. I tried to get bat rescue people to help me evacuate them so I could tear the roof off. All they could say was that I needed to wait until late August to tear it off. This was because the mothers are still nursing. Are all these bats flying away at night? If they are and you can get up to the vents safely, you can staple some plastic over it. Just staple it across the top and let it hang. This will be temporary. Keep checking it to see if the bats stay away. They should stay away, because they can't hang on to it and they don't like the heat. If they do stay away you can make a metal framed sceen and attach it over the vent with spring screw clips. I hope this helps. I have put on a new roof and don't have any bats. I miss them though. check out these sites or they have info on the benefits of these flying bug eaters.

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