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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Out the Roof?

I have previously posted a question here about whether or not to have my bathroom exhaust fans vented out of the roof? I received a resounding yes? In regards to that question, I have two exhaust fans in my home. In orer to minimize the number of holes in my roof, can I have one hole in the roof and install a coupler that that allows you to hook two hoses to it? I'm assuming that there is something like this? Is this a good idea to do this?


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Yes, use the appropriate 'Y' for whatever vent material you are using.


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I have never had an intersection with 2 vents,,,,All the vents I have installed have an individual duct system for each.

One question would come to mine is,,,How close are the vents to be intersected?

What are the effects of having both vents running at the same time? It does seem possible,I have never done that though.

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My question would be the same as roofmaster, why have I installed thousands of roofs, new construction and renovations and never seen it before, or at least never noticed it before.

I would think you'd be better off asking that question in a heating & cooling section of the forum "HVAC".
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In my view it depends on the size of the individual vents relative to the combined vent. If you are using two individual 4" ducts with 4"-to-6" transitions into a 6" 'Y' vented to the roof, that is not a problem. I've done that. Basically you want to be sure the roof vent area (calculated as the diameter times the diameter divided by 1.27) is close to the sum of the areas of all incoming ducts and you'll be OK. On the other hand, sometimes it's much easier to have individual vents so as to minimize the dunt lengths. This is particularly important for typical bathroom 4" ducting.
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I've got a similar situation in my home. Bathrooms are back to back. I used one 8" roof vent and connected both 4" fart fan ducts to it. Two separate ducts, but only one penetration.
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Ironically enough I installed 2 exhaust vents today on a job.I installed them by themselves with each having its own slinky pipe and they were about 10' apart.

I will sleep like a baby tonight knowing they are nice and water tight and will be that way for the natural life of the shingles.


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