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Attic very hot!!


I am new to these threads, so please don't get on me for beating a dead horse. I know there have been many disscussions on proper roof ventiliation and what combos (intake/exhaust) are most beneficial, but I believe those are general rules of thumb and standards/minimums. I think it's best to give my personal situation, so those standards/minimums would apply most appropriately to fixing, adjusting or improving my situation. So here it goes.....

I have a house built in 1924 with a 12/12 roof and is your typical square, balloon built home from that era. The house is only about 22' x 22', but the attic is very high, making for a decent sq ft total. Anyways, the upstairs gets so hot, it is unbearable. I completely rehabbed the house and insulated the walls, but didn't get to the attic yet because I did things as money came in. Needless to say the downstairs stays so much cooler than the upstairs. I know that not having ANY insulation in the attic is a thermal nightmare in all seasons and that is where my question starts I guess.

When I sided the house, my father and I drilled two 4' holes in each 2x4 blocking that runs in between the rafter tails and installed vented soffit. The roof already had 3 roof vents evenly spaced on one side and ovbiously were useless because there were no soffit vents before. Given all of this important and/or useless information, would adding sufficient insulation resolve the hot 2nd floor issue, or would I need to improve on the venting as well to complete a perfect system? I guess what I am asking is do I have enough intake/exhaust to maximize ventilation and if so, would R38 insulation make a huge difference on it own? OR should I plug the existing roof vents and do a ridge? Do I need more soffit vents? More exhaust?

Sorry for such a long post, but you see what I am getting at. I just see too many times the response is simply "remove everything and add a ridge vent", when it isn't even necessary and the existing can just be improved upon.

Sorry again and thanks in advance.


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Go some pictures?
No one here so far knows just how many sq. inches of venting you have in the soffits, what your soffits even look like.
Not sure why you roof is any differant than anyone else.
A ridge vent will vent the whole roof not just a circle like the ones you have now.
A ridge is not going to leave trapped hot air in the rafter bays.

With no location in your profile how would anyone know how much insulation you need in the attic?

By just adding baffles, proper venting and the needed insulation will make a huge differance in the upstairs temperature.


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Thanks for the reply and good points. I thought my location would show up after I signed up. I am in Cleveland Ohio, so it does get pretty cold in the winters.

I have vented vinyl soffits that are approx 16" wide and run along the entire roof line which is approx 25 ft. The vented soffit is definitely large enough, if that was the same size as the opening into the attic, but as I stated before, we drilled 4" holes along each side of the house between the rafters. Which means there are approximately 15 on each side of the house. Not quite sure how to calculate sq inch based on the holes.

I assumed my roof would be slightly different than others due to the 12/12 pitch because it would substantially increase the sq ft, creating a larger space to vent/cool.

I guess maybe you answered one part of my question in that the ridge vent WOULD allow more exhaust to escape than the 3 dinky pot vents....makes sense. I WAS thinking of removing the pots and putting in a power vent due to the height of the attic.

Now I just need to figure out if those 30-40 total 4" holes provide enough intake to properly vent out the ridge.
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One more point to make, is the soffits run at a 45 degree with the pitch of the roof. So they run from the bottom of the gutter board up the bottoms of the rafters. Not sure if that makes a huge difference with air flow than if they were horizontal to the house???
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We have discussed, and discussed and discussed the fact that there MUST be both continuous ridge and eaves ventilation for convection to work. Also, you need to install a good ridge vent, not the crap that comes in a roll. Opening up the the eaves, without opening up the ridge is absolutely worthless. As far as the eaves go, You would be much better off, IMHO to have your ventilated soffit run horizontally in to your siding, but I do not know how far out your lookouts extend. Im not sure what you are getting at re drilling holes. A sketch would be helpful.

Now the other thing to consider is that there is passive ventilation, and there is active, or powered ventilation.

I have continuous eaves and ridge ventilation, as well as three gable end vents, AND I have a whole house fan. I am talking one of those belt drive jobs with a prop from a Skyraider. That might be what you need.
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