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rcassidy 03-22-2010 07:40 AM

attic mold
I live in the north east (NJ) and have a recurring mold problem in my attic. I replaced the roof (plywood & shingles) 3 years ago and added soffit & ridge vents but the mold keeps coming back and getting worse. The roof is a typical gable contruction with with a northern and southern exposure. The mold is only growing on the roof plywood on the northern face. The entire southern section is clear of mold. I thought the installation of soffit and ridge vents would mitigate this problem. I also tried plugging up other interior cracks/ holes in the interior space that lead to the attic... Not sure what to do???

Slyfox 03-22-2010 08:06 AM

I just went through this with a re-roof we did last year.
We tore the front of the homes roof off down to the trusses "due to mold" and replaced.

The problem in this situation was two bathroom vents had been ran into the attic, we routed them up though the roof.

Also check plumbing stacks, heating ducts/cooling pipes, sky lights, etc., for leaks.

Also, to achieve proper roofing/attic ventilation you need,
Intakes, soffit vents.
Unobstructed air flow, baffles between rafters in eaves.
Exhaust, ridge vents.

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