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toolbelt 07-05-2010 09:56 PM

Attached Shed and Ice Dam Problems
Ou house is a sixteen year old 1800 sq ft Colonial (sort of a Florida style colonial in New England with 5 or 6 roof gables w/2 car attached garage. When the builder built the home he extended the back end of the attached garage out about 5 or 6 feet or so and closed it in making it an attached shed with a side door that swings out and window in the rear wall and a door leading from the garage into the shed. The wood is starting to rot at hte base and we want to pull off the old sheets of wood which are probably approxinmately 8x4 and replace them with new ones cover over hte rear window and also need to fill in the dirt around the shed with stone or something to keep the wood away from wet soil. Do we just start prying all the wood off the studs and hammer new sheets in place, do we need replace the waterproof plastic underneath? Any suggestions appreciated.

Also need to repair garage gable roof area where the roof meets the house and causes ice backup in the garage on the wall that separates the house and the garage. We have heating cables on the lower roof and the room above the garage is a spare room that is heated. Is there any simple way to prevent this ice backup? Have had it repaired once already and last year it got completely soaked again, we had to turn the power off in the garage as the door openers and light fixtures were soaked. Again any suggestions appreciated....

Ron6519 07-06-2010 07:47 PM

So this house in New England does not have ice and water shield on it? The dormers should have been wrapped as all or most of the overhangs.
What sort of base is the shed on?
It sounds like you have both flashing and shield issues. The area needs to be stripped down to the sheathing and the proper material put down in the proper sequence.

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