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Lizybizy 06-03-2010 12:04 AM

Any experience with Malarkey shingles
Hello, I hope to gain some insight as well on roofing. We are looking at replacing a 3 tab roof(leaking ceiling) with either the Malarkey Highlander or Pabco Premier 30. I have seen both and the noticeable differences are in 1. the thickness(Pabco is thicker) and 2. the pattern of the shingles; malarkeys pattern flares out(I'm told by the other guy this can cause needles to lodge in the crevises down the road) whereas Pabcos shingles wedge in,. Both have algae blocker. Pabco uses felt underlayment, Malarkey uses Nova Seal II /WaterBlock Ru 200. Now I understand that the Highlander does not contain the rubber like the Malarkey Legend shingle so I'm not sure what I'm comparing. All that I have read about Malarkey seems good,although there is alot of Malarkey marketing out there. pun there. Any insight greatly appreciated.:)

racebum 06-03-2010 12:43 AM

i'd go look at them all. i'm also doing a roof on my house and did just that. my favorite of the 30yr shingle was the certainteed landmark. any reason? nope, just cosmetic. malarkey and corning were a close second with their version of the same shingle. i just liked the certainteed color more, they also appeared thicker. our local roofing outfit is called woodfeathers and they have big displays set up so you can view everything, if there is a similar store in your town i'd go pay a visit. every single quality roofer i spoke with told me the same thing. it's all in the quality of installation. if you don't cut corners, any of the major brands will work.

Lizybizy 06-03-2010 07:39 PM

Thanks! I actually did check them out . I think what I'm asking is am I going to be reroofing in 10 years if I go with the economical "Highlander" shingle by Malarkey or can I expect a good quality shingle at a reasonable price. I have not heard anyone mention using this particular shingle which leaves me a little leary.

racebum 06-03-2010 08:40 PM

there's one malarkey shingle that i really liked. it was on sale for $58/sq and looked a lot like the certainteed landmark or corning oakridge, is that the highlander? i think it was but can't swear to it

it's all in the install though. in my roofing thread there is a near failed pabco roof that's maybe 10 years old. the install was a total hack and thus the reason i have to replace a roof that only lived a third of what it should have.

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