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Advice on Shingles

Getting quotes on roof being replaced in Alabama -- One contractor selling GAF and Owens Corning -- the other selling Certainteed and Tamko -- I am looking for a roof shingle that has a great warranty and will last -- I have told both I want a 50 year or Lifetime shingle -- so much info out there it has been hard to make a decision -- anyone have a clue as to which company has the best warranty and shingle for what I am looking for ? also what about Malarkey Roofing Shingles compared to the others I listed above -- thanx for any help or suggestions


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Do you want a 50 year or a lifetime shingle?

All 30 year shingles are now "limited lifetime" but are not as heavy duty as the actual 50 year shingles. There is a very big difference. Make sure they show you a shingle from each to help make your decision. The heavier shingles can be up to 50% higher in cost for material.

As for brand, it varies around the country. Hopefully someone from your area can give you some advice. I am in MN and have no idea what is a good shingle in the south.

Most will agree that the installation is more important than the materials. That being said, you'll be most happy going with a Contractor that you trust, rather than choosing by what materials they use.


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I think the best way to buy shingles is to bring a bathroom scale with you and weigh a bundle of the shingles you are considering..Buy the heaviest ones you can find..Back in the day, that's how shingles were rated, 240 pound, 280 pound, 325 pounds per square...It's still the best method to judge shingle quality.. Today, that information is very hard to come by unless you weigh them yourself...

As far as warranties go, take them with a grain of salt. Few people ever file a claim and for those that do file, the claim adjuster, 90% of the time, will find some reason not to honor it....You gotta read the fine print VERY carefully...
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Agree on the warranty.

As far as weighing them and judging quality that way......That's the old way. Certain manufacturers don't have the same amount of shingles in each bundle. Some don't even cover 100 square feet per 3 bundles. It is "approximate". Some shingles are larger than others. Some have lighter fillers such as copper and fiberglass which is very light, but very good as a filler.

IKO claims the heaviest shingle per square. They are 40 inches long instead of 38-39 like others and actually cover 100 square feet in a square. Are they the best shingle? I don't think so and many would agree.

A true 50 year shingle weighs quite a bit more per shingle and per square than the 30 year (new limited lifetime).

In my area, I have installed 50 year Timberlines, Landmarks, and the previous OC (not current). Just holding them side by side and working with them, you can easily tell the Landmark is the best.
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Have the company give you the address of one of theirs that's 25-40 years old so you can see how their roofs and shingles hold up, long-term.
And, I too feel heavier is better.
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I would find a third contractor, or fourth, what ever it takes to find one who will sale you the brand you choose rather then the one they choose.
There's at least 5 manufacturer brands sold in your area.

Clay tiles hold up as well as concrete tiles and are noticeably lighter.
Manufacturers have shifted away from the heavy amounts of asphalt (good thing) and will be even lighter then they currently in the near future,
thus less weight equals new technology.

A year ago there were 30 year and 50 year/life time shingles,
now there is standard dimensional and designer dimensional,
both have a life time warranty.
Tamko is the only exception that I know of, they still place a 30 year warranty on their standard dimensional shingles.
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Landmark are the best but the others that you mentioned are comparable.. Most standard architectural shingles are now "limited lifetime".. but they do consider Landmark premium a "lifetime" shingle among a few others .. it is the difference between and 40 year vs. 50 year warranties plus lifetimes have a 15 year algae warranty vs. 10..


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