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Ben gilmore 04-01-2012 09:33 PM

Adding panel insulation and metal roofing
Update explanation: there is a second story with insulated attic space on the sides and a vaulted ceiling.

I have a dual issue. I have standing seam metal awaiting installation and have ordered 3 1/2" of hard foam insulation to add to my 1920's skip sheathing. I plan to add 1/2" sheathing atop the foam and attach with long screws. I will surround this with 2x4 trip to shim the roof up. The ventilation will occur at the skip sheathing layer. I'm opting to avoid adding 2x4 rafters to attach the plywood, so as to create a continuous insulation layer.

The second issue that concerns me is that little ants have been attacking the hard blue foam insulation in the walls of my old shop leaving piles of blue dust. I finally had to spray them, but I have heard they like formaldehyde....a relative of formic acid?

So as I add a layer of 2"+1 1/2" foam panels to the roof I am concerned about this dietary issue.

If you have any options and info on this I'd be so appreciative. --Ben

Windows on Wash 04-02-2012 07:24 AM

Are you turning the attic into conditioned space?

If not, the point of the foam is largely useless if the insulation layer is still the attic floor.

Please describe your scenario in a bit more detail of shoot me a PM so I can walk you through it.

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