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cward 10-20-2009 08:34 AM

Add Vinyl/Aluminum Fascia and Aluminum Gutters
I am planning a re-roof on my home. I have just removed the continuous aluminum gutters and pressure washed them. I am in process of replacing the wood fascia boards (painted 1x8's over a 1x6 sub-fascia) where needed, then will hire a roofer to remove and replace the roofing including a drip edge (the existing roof did not include a drip edge). I would like to use a covering (vinyl or aluminum) over the fascia to protect the wood, but I'm not sure which type of covering would be best and how to apply it (we have lots of leaves and gutters often overflow between cleanings). I am concerned with differential expansion of whatever material I choose knowing that it will be sandwiched between the wooden fascia and the gutters which will be reattached with screws on approximately 48" centers. Anyone experience with this type of system?

VA metalman 10-26-2009 07:19 PM

aluminum fascia and gutters
You definitely want to use aluminum to wrap your fascia. Vinyl just does not like to be nailed tightly, and will not look good, especially after a couple of season changes. Also, you should fasten the gutters every 24" minimum. They will stay up longer, especially in snow/ice, and you will be able to lean a ladder against them without destroying them.
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cward 10-26-2009 07:35 PM

That confirms my suspicion that aluminum is the lesser problem with thermal expansion than vinyl and that fastening vinyl behind a gutter could be difficult. As for the aluminum, I know that it expands more than wood when heated and I suspect this is why the flat side of the gutter (next to the fascia board) actually has a small zig-zag pattern that accommodated this expansion between the fixed points where it attaches to the fascia. My question now is — will a flat piece of aluminum fascia (without any zig-zag) tend to buckle and bow during temperature changes since it will also be rigidly attached to the fascia?

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