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luvdairish 05-30-2010 03:57 PM

Add roof over deck, but not before some serious DIY repairs
Hi All.

New DIY'er here. Just bought my first house in February and haven't stopped yet! I was doing a 1st floor project (gutting room) when I noticed the 2nd floor sliders were allowing water in and rotting subfloor above. Also discovered rotting in 2nd floor Rim Joist below 2nd floor sub.

So my steps are as follows (fill in if I'm missing something please)
1. Already removed the deck that was in front of sliders (was practically falling down and ledger wasn't flashed right).
2. Remove the badly flashed ledger.
3. Remove sliders.
4. Remove sheathing to expose rim joist.
4. Scab the rotted rim joist to correct rotting areas.
5. Replace sheathing.
6. Frame slider openings for double windows
7. Attach new ledger
8. Build deck

As I rebuild the deck, I want to put a roof on it. The house has a gable roof and has the deck on the gable end. What is the best way to build a roof over it. I have added pics of my house and the house I want to copy.



luvdairish 05-30-2010 07:14 PM

Guess the question do I determine the structural support needed for a roof above the deck? Any help is greatly appreciated?

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