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Tuffguy610 03-16-2010 08:42 PM

1/12 sloped roof leaking w/ asphalt shingles, replacement ideas?
Hello folks,
I just bought my first house a year ago. I am still in the process of finding all of the little hidden problems that come with the house, and my rear porch roof is one of them. It is an attached 10'x12' wooden framed semi-enclosed porch with a traditional plywood/asphalt shingle roof. The slope of the roof is very low (1/12) so it shouldn't have asphalt shingles on it, but it does. Whoever put the roof on this house last (back in 98' according to the sellers disclosure), decided to put the asphalt shingles on it. The roof has lasted 12 years, and my porch is beginning to leak badly when it rains. What durable, cost effective alternatives do I have instead of asphalt shingles? I am planning on tearing this down to the plywood (and probably replacing the plywood), and I would like to know what my options are. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

jlhaslip 03-16-2010 09:41 PM

Consider using Peel and stick on top of your new plywood, then covering with shingles.

Can you see if the water is coming through the roof? or is it coming where the low roof meets the higher one?
Can you see any details on the flashing of the transition area?

tinner666 03-16-2010 09:50 PM

Too flat for shingles. Find some PolyGlass Base and cap sheet. It's SBS modified roofing material. Self adhered. 2 plies of base, 1 ply cap sheet.

Or, use I&W shield, shingles, and rebuild it every few years.

Tuffguy610 03-17-2010 05:59 AM

JLhaslip: I can see the water actually dripping down the eaves and between the plywood. The roof isn't attached to another one, its attached to the side wall of the house, and the flashing seems to be in good shape as its not leaking from that area. Tinner, I like the idea of PolyGlass Base and the cap sheet. I will do some research on those materials.

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