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seacuke23 08-22-2009 05:20 PM

Waterproofing a shower window
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I've redone my shower with limestone. I put 1/2 inch cement board and sealed it with redguard. I have a window in the shower. The backer board was cut within 3/4 inch of the window sill and I painted inside the gap and the edge of the sill as best as I could with redguard. I've overlapped the sill with the limestome and caulked betweenthe two. I want to tile the inside of sill, but am not sure how to proceed to ensure it's waterproof.

Can I just slap the limestone on the inside of the sill? If I do that and grout it do I have to worry about the grout cracking? Do I have to caulk the inside edges of the window also? Should I be painting the inside of the sill with redguard before I put the tile on? How do I affix the tile to the sill (thinset or PL premium)?

There will be a rain shower head in the center of the shower so the window will definitely get it's share of water. The window is vinyl and the tiles will be sealed. Please see the attached images. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Bud Cline 08-22-2009 05:43 PM

Absolutely use Redgard on the sill and jambs if you intend to tile them also.

Slope the sill tiles to encourage water to run of. The jamb tiles will be fine flat on the Redgard. Install the tiles with modified thinset, NEVER use PL to install any tile anywhere.

Caulk all the junctures thoroughly.

Keep in mind water can get thru that tile so the Redgard is a necessary precaution.

Depending on where you live you may also be faced with the tile around the window freezing so don't take any shortcuts.:) Be sure the tiles are attached 100% with thinset to eliminate any voids that water could collect inside of and freeze.:)

Windows in showers can be problematic but I feel good about your installation after seeing the photos.:)

Super nice looking tile job by the way.

seacuke23 08-23-2009 06:04 PM

Thanks Bud for your thorough reply. I really appreciate the opportunity to pick your brain. I've had some trouble getting advice from the Home Depot/Rona people that I could feel comfortable with. I figured the RedGuard on the window was a good idea.

Thanks for the compliment too. This is my first shot at tiling and it took me a loooooong time. I definitely couldn't turn a profit as a tile setter. :laughing:

Bud Cline 08-24-2009 01:20 PM


I definitely couldn't turn a profit as a tile setter.
Neither can I.:)

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