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TarheelTerp 02-15-2014 10:24 AM

Want to put tile in a fireplace hearth...
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...a used hearth. With soot on the walls.

1) What sort of tile/mastic can take radiant heat from a little wood stove?
2) What surface prep is needed to get the mastic to stick?
iow... how best to clean it and how clean is "good enough"?


oh'mike 02-15-2014 10:45 AM

You need a cement based powdered modified thinset---and to deal with the possible expansion due to the heat--a good one---high polymer count---

Look for the word 'flexible' or similar in the name----

As to clean? Wash the old brick with soap and water---you want to be sure there is no grease or other bond breakers like that--but brick is a good surface for tile---and a fireplace is not likely to be greasy----

oh'mike 02-15-2014 11:54 AM

oops---you meant the fire brick inside!

Use TSP and a stiff scrub brush to remove the soot----the fire brick is soft---some sanding will also work if the TSP fails----then use a food modified thinset--

TarheelTerp 05-15-2014 05:24 PM

dirty job for a rainy day
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It only took me 3 months and it ade a gawd awful mess...
but I got to it today and it came out pretty good.

Ended up going straight to the abrasives with a wire brush cup on an angle grinder (took two of them to finish) along with the shop vac and a drop light.

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