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Skwerl 04-30-2013 10:42 PM

WALLS! tiling a shower,
I know this is the flooring section, but you guys are extremely knowledgeable in tile.

Anyhow I have 2 questions.

1. The old shower I ripped out was protruding, it was a float wall on green board. they just stapled chicken wire to it and then added about 5/8's of an inch to it of mortar. This was common back then from what I have read but it has left me with a dilemma.

My backer board sticks out fully. at least on the 2 sides, and the only reason the back doesn't is due to me pushing the pan all the way back. LONG STORY SHORT, I have about half an inch of backer-board sticking out, and instead of completely ripping out and replacing the green board, i need to edge this nicely. what tips do you have for edging it? quarter rounds would be perfect but i cant use them, do you have any photos on using bull nose aligned to the edge to make it look awesome? The top isn't as protruding on the back wall, but this doesn't matter since its "the top" i can cut tiny odd shapes to still fit and "look good" from the user standpoint.

2. My backerboard is 98% level, on the bottom of the back wall it protrudes, im not sure if it is the cheese head screws or what, but it seems to stick out about a 1/4 of an inch AT MOST from around 6 inches from the bottom on down. i have a feeling my bottom row is going to be angled slightly, and i hope it wont be noticed. Do you have any tips for aligning this nicely?

1. what edge options are there for a 1/2 inch backer board protusion besides quarter rounds?

2. how do i make the bottom 6inches (12 inch tiles) of a wall look good with a bowed out backer board protruding 3/16's of an inch from the rest of the backerboard?

oh'mike 05-01-2013 04:49 AM

You are going to need a picture---I can't picture your problem from your description==

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