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bryan1282 08-07-2011 12:13 PM

unlevel floor and diff. thickness wall tile
i have a 6'6"x 5' bath floor, level front to back but about 1/2" un-level side to side, is this to much to correct with thinset? tile is 3/8 thick. 12"x12"
Also i have a 1/4" thick glass tile accent border going between 3/8" thick wall tile, what is the best way to make the glass tile even with other tile? wall tile is 12"x12" sheets of mosaic.
Another note: still can use advice on the wall tile. upon further inspection, i found if i level the floor side to side perfectly, i will have issues with the door and the transition to the hallway, the whole house tilts that way. i guess i will just bring it even a little bit and let it stay a little uneven?

oh'mike 08-07-2011 07:26 PM

If you can live with the slope---Try for flat--that's all the maters to the tile--flat.

Leveling the floor should be done with self leveling compound--not thinset--you will end up with a wavy mess of a floor--

As to the thin accent tiles---this works for me---cut some thin plywood strips the width you need for the border and grout lines--

Set the field tiles (the big ones) and use the plywood to keep your accent tile space open and correctly spaced--
after the field tile is set and cured for 12 hours or so---remove the temporary plywood spacers--and prepare to set the thin accent tiles.

First add a layer of white modified thinset and trowel that smooth in order to add some height--

allow that to cure---sand or scrape that smooth--then set the glass tiles in more white modified thinset.

Check with the glass tile make if you can for an approved thinset.

bryan1282 08-08-2011 09:26 AM

sweet!! sounds like a great plan to me. thanks!

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